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Join me in my kitchen, with my family, friends and clients, on a journey to creating a life that is EASY. It's time to step out of overwhelm and learn The EASY Way to create the life you desire!

Chocolate and Everything Else Cookbook

It is possible to experience chocolate (and so much more) as enjoyable and without any addictions. Health and chocolate can work well together! I share those secrets with you in my newest book, Chocolate and Everything Else!


When you're looking for real results you want a proven coach with 25+ years of experience, working with thousands of clients! 

Hospitality, Community, Fellowship!

Cooking and sharing food that you love, your body loves and your friends and family will love! Join me on Facebook, where I share new recipes, healthy living tips, my newest coaching videos and so much more.

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About Cheryl

Cheryl knows first-hand what it is like to lose her health, finances, and business and be one step from losing her life. That ‘moment of truth’ shattered her perception of being invincible and successful. Academia and Corporate Success faded into the background as she diligently sought to restore her health. That journey led to the creation of Lifestyle for Health (1990), authoring 17 books and working with tens of thousands of clients from around the world through the Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic.

The New Inflammation and Weight Loss Breakthrough Program!

Easy Approach Method Introduction

What Our Clients Say . . .

Dr. Cheryl has been an answer to prayer in my life.  Not only did she help me get much needed weight off, but she gave me the tools to become healthy body, soul and spirit.   I’ve done programs that helped me lose pounds but didn’t equip me to…

Debra HoggRegional DirectorEast Gate Atlanta

Cheryl Townsley has been extremely helpful in giving me guidance on how to frame the value that a Mentoring Program can bring to the company I work for.   She has a unique way of being able to immediately get at the questions I need to be asking to …

Al AndersenSenior Manager and Mentor DevelopmentCognizant Technology Solutions

Struggling with health issues my whole life, brought me to a point of not wanting to medicate symptoms, but get to the root and really become healthy. What I love about Cheryl Townsley is that I don’t have to try this or that, which is a waste of my …

Sandy AsteWellness CoachParaklete Services

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  • Increase Nitric Oxide levels in minutes
  • Energy boost
  • Blood flow like that from the days of your youth
  • More oxygen circulation
  • Better lung capacity
  • Warmer extremities
  • Stronger immune system
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lower LDL cholesterol
  • Healthy aging
  • Healthier heart
  • Healthier hair and skin

Includes free test-strips so you can test your before and after Nitric Oxide levels!!

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Bringing Hope & Creating Results

Activate Your Brain:

Move Better, Think Better, Have Less Pain!

How far will your car go if your battery is fading and/or dead? Even with a full tank of gas and everything else in good operating order, a bad battery can shut down your car.

The same is true for your brain. Your brain stem (in simple terms) is a major part of your subconscious brain. It has a ‘battery pack’ called the Cranial Nerves. Under stress, this ‘battery’ can be drained and diminished in it’s ablity to function well.

What can this impact? Vision, Hearing, Swallowing, Neck Stiffness, Sleep, Energy, Digestion and so much more.

Your 12 cranial nerves are easy to assess and reset – just like resetting a fuse switch in your home that has flipped off. And just like resetting the house fuse, the benefits are immediate!

In Activate Your Brain you will learn how your brain handles and manages stress and it’s impact on you. Then you’ll learn the simple steps to both assess and then reset (as needed) each of your cranial nerves, including the all important Vagus Nerve.

Save 50% in the month of August – use coupon code ACTIVATE50 at checkout!

THE New Inflammation and Weight Loss Breakthrough Program

Your brain will be your best support or your worst enemy any time you try to create change in your life.

Why have so many weight loss, exercise, self-help programs failed you in the past? Because your brain was working against you instead of for you.

This is what sets the New IBP apart from all other programs and in fact elevates it beyond anything we’ve created in the past. The latest brain/neurology reseach is now showing us not only how the brain works but more importantly what we need to do to get it to work for us when we want to create lasting change.

If you’re ready to get off the yo-yo diet and excercise bandwagon, then click on the link to the left to get started on an exciting, new journey of real and lasting transformation.


A Monthly Membership Program

Over the last 25+ years I’ve worked with thousands of clients, most of whom have lost hope. They are searching for hope to restore their health, to balance their hormones, for the ability to start sleeping through the night again, for the loss of aches and pains and for their brains to simply start remembering again!

Working with my clients one-on-one, we have created amazing success and transformation stories. But my desire has always been to help more people – the ones who can’t come to see me because of distance or cost. Now, thanks to technology becoming so much easier to use, I can do that.

The Easy Approach Method brings together all of the pieces, in an easy weekly program, that will teach you, coach you, support you and encourage you on a step-by-step journey to creating the health and lifestyle you desire. By following my Easy Approach Method I help you eliminate overwhelm. Overwhelm is the number one reason that people fail on their health journey.  The key to success is easy and baby steps! I have learned this process by helping thousands of people who came to see me in my clinic – now I’m able to share it with you in an easy to follow, affordable, weekly program.

Real success happens over time, when you combine diligence and easy with wisdom coaching!

Chocolate and Everything Else

Making Chocolate Healthy and Wonderful to Enjoy!

Women, more than men, crave chocolate. Why? We crave chocolate because we are stressed and often lack sweetness in our lives. A stressful, hard life causes us to burn up our minerals, create more cortisol and stress hormones, become moody, forgetful and just a ‘mess’ (or so others say). Then we head for our secret stash of chocolate to soothe our harried nerves and frustrations!

I know this cycle all too well – for years chocolate was my addiction of choice! Chocolate understood my challenges and my sense of being empty. The thought of leaving behind chocolate as I pursued health was ‘offensive’. But now there is good news! Over the years I have come to learn that health and chocolate can work well together. Now I’m finally able to share those secrets with you in my newest book, Chocolate and Everything Else! And of course, you’ll get all of my favorite healthy, chocolate recipes plus more!

Cooking for Life

Cookbook: PDF & Spiral Bound Copy

90 Amazing recipes to help you: Reverse inflammation, Speed up weight loss, Balance your hormones, Energize your brain, and get you back into your Favorite Jeans, by learning to cook and eat the foods that your body loves and that you’ll love too!

The first half of the book takes you through the inflammation process and why it’s so vital that you discover and learn to eat the foods that are non-inflammatory for you. In the second half, I help you make simple, beautiful recipes that you, your family, your friends, and your body will love!

You can only be as healthy as your gut – as you improve your gut health (by eating the foods that your body loves), there is an almost immediate cascade of health benefits that begins to flow through the rest of your body! My clinical experience, working with thousands of clients, has proven that the fastest way to balance your hormones, get rid of extra belly fat, get rid of brain fog, improve your energy, reduce joint and muscle pain and get back into your favorite jeans, is to reduce inflammation in the gut. Cooking for Life will help you do that with foods that look and taste amazing! Easy recipes that are simple to make!

Overcoming Overwhelm

Oh so easy!

If you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, constantly worried, can’t sleep or are just living an overly maxed-out life, then you know that ‘figuring out’ how to do more isn’t going to solve the problem! Let Cheryl show you how to “Overcome Overwhelm”. The EASY Way!” Yes, there are options that will let you overcome overwhelm without becoming more overwhelmed!


Products that Make a Difference

For over 9 years we have been personally taking and sharing with our clients Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula (OGF). It’s one of those few products that works from the inside out to improve your immune system function,  your sleep, your energy, your mental focus, your muscle recovery and even your skin tone.

Click here to learn more and learn how you can try your first bottle of any or all of Dr. Keller’s products for 50% off and have a full 30 day, empty bottle guarantee.

Frequency Flow

WiFi Shield Protection – Easy, Affordable Protection

Many people today are becoming aware of the potential dangers of WiFi frequencies to the brain and body due to the increased use of cell phones and wireless devices. We are now endorsing and using a product that we feel mitigates much of this potential damage.

The WiFi Shields offered by Frequency Flow are simple to use, are as flat as a sticker so that there is no disruption in using any device case, and they’re affordable! Our in-clinic testing, with our clients, shows a 100% positive response by the nervous system and specifically the Vagus Nerve when the Frequency Flow WiFi Shield is added to a cell phone or other WiFi device. Click the link below for full details.

New This Year: Insole Kits that will let you turn any insole into a ‘Frequency Flow’ insole for $51.75 (after your 25% ‘easy’ discount). Plus you’ll get a free WiFi shield for your phone with each kit purchased

Bonus: When you purchase 3 shields and use our coupon code ‘easy’ at check out, you’ll receive a 4th shield for free!

Use our coupon code ‘easy’ at check out and receive 25% off your order!


Lifestyle For Health

Yummy Zucchini Slices

OK, I know the name seems pretty simple, but that's what these are: simple and yummy and a great way to eat some of that great zucchini that might still be in your garden - especially the big ones! 8 oz. cream cheese* 2 TBL sour cream or yogurt 1 c. shredded...

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The Tale of Two Trees

My favorite way to start each day is sitting on my deck with coffee, blueberries, my journal and my iPad. The iPad connects me to my favorite teachers and has my Kindle for easy book reference! I'm not sure what I'll do when winter hits - probably put on my coat,...

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Wheat Free Pumpkin Muffins with Streusel topping

No gluten, no sugar, low carb and super delicious! Forest's only 'complaint' was that he only wanted one! And that, I reminded him, was the goal; to have a great muffin that didn't set off cravings!! And, yes he did like them! Muffins: 1 c. almond flour 1 c. coconut...

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On-Line Training

For years we've wanted an easy way to help more people. Creating a healthier life calls for regular support, encouragement and most of all, affordablility!
Our on-line training meets all of those needs plus more! You can purchase single classes or, for the best value, you can subscribe to our monthly EASY Approach Program - giving you access to all of our on-line training, plus weekly lessons and more!
Click here to see all that's available!

Affiliate Community

When we went through Cheryl's health crisis over 25 years ago, the challenge was not only her health but also its impact on our finances. We know what it's like to loose your health and finances at the same time!
The result? We are always looking for ways to make 'health more affordable'.
Our affiliate programs offer several ways for our community to earn extra income.
We have discovered what works and what doesn't, what's easy and what's hard!

Facebook Community

We know that not everyone is a fan of Facebook, but it does give us the easiest, most universal and most affordable way (free) to stay in touch with you on a daily basis.
Our Facebook page lets us share new video training and coaching, new recipes, wisdom insights, and many of the 'Aha Moments' that we have with our clients - all to help you life healthier!
We hope you'll join us on Facebook!

Thousands of people from around the world have worked with Cheryl Townsley as a Naturopath, Wisdom Coach and Home Economist, through her Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic. The most common feedback is, “Cheryl is so practical, she just makes sense. I can and want to do this!”

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