ChocolateMost women ‘love’ chocolate!  If you are one of those women, I have great news for you!  Dark chocolate has health benefits!

Not all chocolate is created equal.  When you use milk chocolate and add a lot of sugar, you reverse those health benefits.  Skip the milk, go directly to dark and let the fun begin!

Let’s review some of the top benefits of dark chocolate and then I’ll leave you with some of my favorite recipes!

Help Balance Blood Sugar

Dark chocolate’s low glycemic index is good news for anyone wanting to lose weight.  In addition, the antioxidants in baking cocoa (unsweetened) and dark chocolate may help impaired circulation that often precedes the development of diabetes which also helps cells’ sensitivity to insulin and glucose.


The kinds of antioxidants found in chocolate are called polyphenols.  They are also found in fruits and vegetables like oranges, soybeans, and berries. Dark chocolate and cocoa are particularly high in these compounds, which are also found in red grapes and tea, hence the well-known health benefits of red wine and green tea.

Vital Minerals

Minerals are essential to the body, especially when under stress or when there are ‘base of the neck’ headaches.  On average, a dark chocolate bar has 14% of the daily requirement for copper (aids in the absorption of iron).  It also contains nearly 12% of daily requirements for magnesium (can help address tight muscles, migraines, and fatigue).  Chocolate is also high in potassium (aids in balancing blood pressure) and calcium and iron.

So, if you are a bit tired, how about a healthy, chocolate treat to boost you up?

Quinoa Chocolate Cake

To get the recipe for this amazing cake go to for my newest cookbook!  And watch for new recipes on my Facebook page: