I got my assignment from my kindergarten teacher – – practice skipping and galloping at home tonight so you can do it in class tomorrow. I went home eager to practice. I stepped outside the kitchen door and began to practice.

Somehow my feet didn’t quite move like my teacher’s feet had moved. I tried and tried. Behind me, I could hear my parents laughing at my awkward attempts. I’m sure they didn’t mean to ‘program’ me, but a ‘big program’ entered my being that very day.

Ah, “Cheryl is smart but she is a klutz!’ I held on to that program for decades!!

Fast forward to my kickboxing class. I have my white belt and am listening to what I will need to do to get my next belt. As my teacher shares, I’m thinking, “I can do the combo with practice, I can do the push-ups, set-ups with practice.” Nothing seems to be too overwhelming.

THEN . . .she adds one small thing!

You will need to jump rope – – for 3 minutes! I had not been able to jump rope EVER in my life! It is right up there with skipping and galloping – – not happening! Before I could stop it, my mouth says “I can’t do that!”

Those are ‘fighting words’ to a 5th level Black Belt! She said, “Of course you can.” I respond with “I’ve not been able to do it in 55 years ever!!” She says, “I’ll teach you!” I’m thinking you must walk on water, if you think you can teach me!

The fact is jumping rope is not hard. What is ‘hard’ is the program in my brain that says I can’t. My instructor, Bridget, breaks it down into what to do and what not to do.

Then it is the moment . . the crossroad .. . time to make a decision. Will I do what she says in faith or continue to affirm what I can’t do?

I chose to do exactly what she told me to do – – – I did it – – No I really did jump rope! I broke a 50+ year belief in seconds because of a person who believed in me!

Choose to trust the person who believes in you . . . especially when you have lost trust in yourself. Today I’m breaking through all kinds of limitations because my 90 Day Challenges, my mentors and people believe in me!

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