Many of us think that “body language” is about how someone sits or stands. That is true, yet our body can tell us (and others) so much more about our health – if we know body languagehot to listen and interpret what it says.  Let’s take a look at some of that ‘body talk”.


Dark circles under the eyes often reflect allergies or anemia.  The most common allergens are wheat, eggs, dairy, full spectrum soy and peanuts.  Simply avoiding allergenic foods can help.

Anemia can be addressed with herbs rich in iron (many iron supplements use iron filings which is why people get constipated when using them). I recommend a professional product (for us it is Enzyme Solutions #15) that is herb-based.

Puffiness around the eyes often reflects fluid retention or edema. Supporting the body through adequate hydration, consumption of greens (veggies and green drinks) can help.


Redness in the cheeks is often due to allergies and/or a lack of fatty acids.  Again, omit possible allergens (or be tested for allergies) and adding sources of good fatty acids (i.e., fish, fish oil, coconut oil, avocadoes, etc.)


A small tight mouth often indicates poor digestion, which can drive a host of health issues.  Digestive enzymes can help tremendously as well as increasing your intake of fresh vegetables.


Red pimples usually reflect eating too much sugar.  That can also impact belly fat and Candida.

White/Yellow pimples often reflect consume too many fats and oils as in ‘grease’ and refined vegetable oils.

Dark patches/pimples often reflect over-consumption of wheat which can also impact belly fat.

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