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I recently suggested a client make the Protein (Almond Butter) Bread as she and her family are cutting out wheat and miss bread. When I visited her she showed me her ‘bread’. Clearly something had gone wrong.

The first picture is how my bread looks every time I make it. The other two are her results.

Vi Protein Breadquick bread failure quick bread failure 2

Having been a Home Economics teacher, I immediately saw several possible problems. Since these challenges can happen to anyone I thought I might be helpful to share a few baking tips:

1. The leavening agent (in this case baking soda) could be old. She said it was definitely old.

2. Lack of baking time. When I touched the bread it was sticky which means it was not baked long enough. If you insert a toothpick in breads like this (quick breads not yeast breads) it should come out clean without any batter sticking. I’m sure this was not baked enough.

3. Incorrect oven temperature. When a bread falls it almost always indicates that the internal structure couldn’t form. Being sticky, too moist inside and fallen, it would appear that oven temperature was off (too low) and that it wasn’t baked long enough. An oven thermometer (can be purchased in grocery stores) is the best way to ensure correct temperatures, which really is important for baked items.

4. Wrapping too soon. When you make quick breads and/or cookies (unless the recipe specifically says otherwise), let the baked item completely cool before wrapping. If it is wrapped warm, it sweats (like us!) and it will change texture.

She also commented she would like it to be ‘sweeter’. I suggested she add 1-2 TBL of sweetener or use a quality jam on the bread which would make it like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful as you learn to trouble shoot your baking. Enjoy the recipe!

High Protein Bread

1 cup almond butter*
3 large eggs
1 T vinegar
2 scoops your favorite protein powder shake mix, dry
1/2 t baking soda
1/4 t salt

Mix all ingredients (I used a hand mixer).

Bake in parchment paper lined loaf pan at 350 for 22 minutes! (or until done)

Options: You could add some seeds, chopped nuts and/or even dried fruit (that would increase the carb/sugar count).

* I use the freshly ground almond butter from our local Vitamin Cottage. Many health food stores offer a fresh ground – – it has more texture than creamy or crunchy canned nut butters. Experiment until you find the nut butter you prefer. This is a great snack and bread option