Trouble Shooting Face Skin Problems

Once you learn to apply this simple ‘map’, then you can more easily identify what may be causing common skin conditions on the face and body.



The forehead indicates forms of toxicity.  When the blemishes, wrinkles or issues are on the upper forehead it is usually related to a toxic colon and overall poor digestion.  When the lines or blemishes are more on the lower forehead it can reflect Candida, overgrowth of fungus in the body, and more small intestine issues.

Eye Area

“Hoods” above the eyes often indicate a toxic gallbladder, not digesting fats and fiber, being over-worked or drinking too much coffee (that describes a lot of people!).    Dark circles under the eyes often reflect poor hydration and allergies.  Allergies are often triggered by stress and poor digestion.


A red nose tip often indicates dehydration, poor diet, stress and over-consumption of alcohol.  Lines at the bridge of the nose can be impacted by hypoglycemia and an over-consumption of coffee.


Redness in the cheeks often goes with poor digestion (especially of dairy), allergies, shallow breathing and exposure to environmental toxins.


Dry lips often indicate dehydration and possibly constipation.  Wet lips often go with poor digestion and diarrhea or loose stools.  Swollen lips can reflect chronic congestion, poor digestion and too much mucus in the body.


Red ears can be impacted by hypoglycemia.  When the rim of the ear is red that can reflect high blood pressure.

Burning sensation in the Feet

Sore feet, puffiness in the feet/ankles often reflects a toxic liver due to poor diet, poor digestion, an acidic body and a lack of adequate greens (drinks, veggies, green juicing).

These guidelines in no way replace working with your health care provider. However, when you skin issues keep coming down to the same ‘roots’, it might help you and your provider identify a more focused plan to help you create healthy, glowing skin from head to toe!