t300-snoring cartoon


The ‘music’ of snoring and a sleep apnea breathing machine doesn’t help anyone sleep better.  It is estimate that 50% of the population snores.  It is estimated that over 40 millions people suffer from sleep apnea (most commonly overweight males).

So what can you do to help you and the people who ‘listen to your sleeping music?”

  1. Cut out mucous-forming foods such as wheat and dairy.  This can help both conditions.
  2.  Lose the excess weight!   If you are a Profile 2 (do our Metabolic Questionnaire), then eat every 3 hours, smaller meals and increase protein, good fats and fiber and cut back on the sugar, grains, simple carbs and processed foods.  Choose food on the perimeter of the grocery store.
  3.  Avoid smoking and use of alcohol
  4.  Sleep on your side instead of your back.

If you notice that you sleep with your tongue against the roof of your mouth, there can be mechanical disturbances.  A good cranial sacral therapist can be of help in this case.

A ‘quiet’ good night’s sleep is a blessing for all involved!  Night all!