Many of us sit at computers or behind the wheel of our cars – – often for hours at a time. The result is shoulders that curve forward and hold lots of tension.

About 6 weeks ago, during my regular massage, my massage therapist mentioned I was getting scar tissue along the left side of the spine (intrinsic muscles). That was a first for me and I thought maybe it was due to the increase in working with clients. She gave me some tips and I immediately went to work on it.

This past week in my massage, I asked if there was any change. The scar tissue in that area had completely cleared. I have found the foam roller exercise to be relaxing, very therapeutic and the best way to end a round of exercise and the end of the day. Try it and the other exercises to help you improve posture, reverse shoulder strain and just feel better!

Foam rollers can be purchased in sports stores or on Amazon for $15-35. For more examples of how to use a foam roller, check out these videos:

tightshouldersFoam Roller and the Shoulder

  • Place spine on top of roller
  • Have head and buttocks on roller
  • I often practice gently rolling slightly one side to the other
  • Practice with feet on floor or legs straight
  • Option: bring soles of feet together and open legs to open the hips


Hand clasped behind back

♦ Keep palms together (heels of hands especially)

♦ Straighten elbows

♦ With palms together, elbows straight, slowly lift pinkies up (go slowly)

♦ If you can only clasp the hands, that is a great starting place.



Hands clasped in front of shoulders

  • Hands in front of chest, start lower than shown in picture
  • Angle arms slightly away from body and then move the elbows up