All my life I avoided gym, except when school required PE Class (that was decades ago!). Something changed today!

Since I’ve just started my 3rd 90 Day Challenge, I was ‘shaking up’ my routine.  I decided to do the “Ultimate Conditioning’ Class on Mondays instead of a private lesson (my trainer is the instructor – – how hard could it be?). . . . HARDER than BOOT CAMP!

TODAY things changed!

  • I was singled out not for what I was doing wrong but what I was doing right! Half way through the class, she brings out my before/after pictures (you can see them on our website at and shared my story.
  • The class surrounded me and wanted what I have!  That is a first from a gym class!
  • I actually sweat through the class (like episodes of Biggest Loser), I was working out HARD!  Being able to sweat is a good thing!
  • I was proud of me! I went to the front of the class, watched myself in the mirror and did by BEST!  I did a great job and didn’t put myself down!
  • RESULTS . . .  tiny waist, flat pooch, major shoulders/arms muscles rippling, down from 12/14 jean to a size 6/8!  With my 58th birthday coming up in 10 days I’m thrilled!  My 90 day challenges are saving me money, changing my life and giving me fitness.

This marks stepping up to a new challenge — I desire to see women create the health and fitness that matters to them!  If you want to see/experience a change, let me know!  Baby Steps can change your life!

Won’t you join me?

Let’s do this together!!