Are the stories you tell yourself creating the life of our dreams or the life you really wish you didn’t have?
For years, most of us have thought that our physical lives were largely determined by our DNA – new research in cell biology is now showing that to not be the case! Scientists are learning that protein signals in the cell membrane create our physical reality. And what determines the protein signals? Environmental messages – how we interpret and respond to the millions of bits of information we are exposed to.
Here’s the interesting question – we’re exposed to millions of bits of information, but it seems that we are only aware or a few hundred of those information bits. What determines which bits of information we ‘notice’ and what determines how we perceive and interpret that information? Stuff that most of us aren’t even aware of – programs that were ingrained into us from conception through early childhood. Our lives are literally being determined by programs we’re running that we didn’t even pick out – they were given to us by others before we could even make a choice.

The good news – you can reprogram your sub-conscious to work for you – to help you achieve the goals you have today, so that you’re not stuck ‘looping’ in old programs and behaviors. My “Aha! Mentoring” E-Course helps you make this transition – there is a simple secret to the process . . . you have to keep it ‘easy’!