During November and December I found myself fighting pneumonia and bronchitis – – – first time to be that sick in my lifetime! As a result I was unable to exercise for about 6 weeks (2 1/2  weeks of no pushups).

I’ve had a goal of going one year of averaging 100 pushups/day. When you get ‘behind’ by 1500 pushups that is really daunting. Beyond that, it was flat out discouraging to see how quickly stamina and strength seemed to evaporate!

Have you ever found yourself no longer exercising for any reason?

wallpushup1Where to begin? I couldn’t do a regular pushup, so I got creative and went to ‘wall pushups’. I started with just 10 at a time, doing them over and over until I could do 100/day.

wallpushup2As the plain wall pushup got easier, I did many variations: hands close in, hands farther out, on tip toes, on one leg . . . so many variations

As a result, that 1500 ‘pushup debt’ got wiped out and I’m back to doing pushups on my Bosu! Yes, it took a bunch of ‘small steps’ combined with consistency, and now I’m back in the game!

Here’s the key – I started so simple I could do it!!!

If you haven’t exercise for a while (as in months, years or ever!), start simple. Let it be easy. Be consistent and track your progress. Celebrate those baby steps and soon you will go beyond the ‘wall’ and do some amazing things!