Recently a desperate mom called me about her 7-year old son.  His behavior was off the charts and he was terrorizing kids at school and siblings at home.  She was desperate! 

I made one suggestion for her, she tried it and she sent me a message on Facebook – “This worked wonders on my son. He calmed down, went to bed, slept all night which he never does, and was pleasant the next morning. With me, I felt more in control of my emotions and everything else!”

What could work so effectively, easily and inexpensively?

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), was an MD and a classically trained homeopath in England.  By 1913, his successful medical career had led him to being a Casualty Medical Officer at the University College Hospital in London.  

While working as a pathologist, he became curious as to how the flower portion of an herb might impact the brain, specifically the limbic system (the site of our emotions).  The more he researched and tested his theories, the more excited he became.  In 1930 he closed his practice and pursued the development of flower essence therapy – – herbal tinctures made from the flower portion of herbs.

Dr. Bach went on to create 38 different remedies that are now used around the world.  Bach Flower Remedies were officially recognized in the U.S. as over-the-counter homeopathic remedies in 1981.  I have found them to be invaluable personally, in my family and with patients from around the world.

Flower remedies are tinctures (liquids) you take orally.  The normal dose is a dropper-full several times/day, however during stress, you can take them up to every 15 minutes.  You can find a Emotional Questionnaire on our website ( to determine a specific Bach remedy that could help you.

However, with our 7-year old, that would have been too much work for him and his mom.  I simply suggested “Fields of Flowers” which contains all of the 38 remedies.  Clearly it gets results for kids and parents!  Fields of Flowers can be ordered by calling 719-487-3717.

Here are some situations that can benefit from Fields of Flowers:

  • fear
  • home sickness
  • grief
  • jealousy
  • handling life transition
  • balancing mood swings
  • calming anger and hostility
  • absentmindedness
  • overwhelm
  • over-protective

Is it time for you to enjoy the Flowers along with others in your life?