spinestackAs we spend more and more time on computers, driving, and sitting, we develop a more forward head and thus poor posture. That puts tremendous stress on the spine, the nervous and the digestive systems of our bodies.

To get an idea of your posture, stand ‘normal’ and let someone else take a side-profile picture. Notice where your ears are in relationship to your shoulders. The more forward the head, the worse the posture.

Use this simple technique to learn to ‘stack’ your posture whether sitting or standing.

1. Tighten the buttocks (this automatically puts the pelvis into a pelvic tilt).

2. Bring the belly button towards the back.

3. Bring the shoulders up, back and then drop to align the head to the shoulders (be sure shoulders drop and relax).

stackstickyNow, take another side shot. Can you see a difference? Practice until you can begin to see a difference. Now, post a note that says “STACK” wherever you tend to have poor posture (office, car, watching television, reading, etc.). Take a minute to STACK and you are on your way to better posture! Being aware and re-stacking throughout the day has wonderful long term health benefits!