January is the month when people feel this urge to set goals and build dream boards ~ the same pattern they follow every New Year!  They make their goals BIG, and BIGGER and BIGGER.  You know the adage, “Shoot for the stars and at least you’ll hit the moon!”

Yet experience as a Naturopath and Coach, who has worked with 10’s of thousands of clients, has shown me that over and over, people sabotage the goals they most want to achieve!  The result is feelings of shame and guilt – feelings that say, “I’m just a failure.”   Then they come to me asking, “What is wrong with me?”, a question that never serves you!

And then there are the people who set their goals, reach them and still come in feeling depressed and unfilled and the question is still the same, “What is wrong with me?”

Is There a Better Way?

What we actually desire, in our hearts, is to PROSPER!  Understanding prospering is the key to living a life that bears ‘good fruit’ and that leaves us feeling fulfilled and happy – in every area of our lives~ our  health, finances and relationships.

Once we begin to focus on prospering as the desired outcome, we can determine if we are actually congruent with our goals or are we actually resistant to that ‘prospering outcome’.  You might think that would be obvious, but it isn’t.  In my coaching sessions I find, over and over, that most people are actually not congruent with their goals and desired outcomes!  Don’t believe me?  Just look at your ‘results’ – they speak loudly as to how congruent you are with your desired outcome to prosper.

The results you are creating, not the goals you write on a piece of paper, show what you are actually congruent with!

Wisdom coaching lets us quickly find the areas where you are not congruent, correct the lack of congruency (there are simple but key steps for this), and put you on track to create what truly matters to you!

When you aren’t congruent, then it is time to check out how you can become ready, willing and able to receive prospering into your life, family and business.  The next step . . . Wisdom Coaching!