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WiFi Shields and Insoles

Many people today are becoming aware of the potential dangers of WiFi frequencies to the brain and body due to the increased use of cell phones and wireless devices. For the firest time, we are now endorsing and using a product that we feel mitigates much of this potential damage.

The WiFi Shields offered by Frequency Flow are simple to use, are as flat as a sticker so that there is no disruption in using any device case, and  are affordable. Our in-clinic testing, with our clients, shows a 100% positive response by the nervous system and specifically the Vagus Nerve when the Frequency Flow WiFi Shield is added to a cell phone or other wifi device. Product details are on their website.

LFH Special Discount: All Lifestyle for Health clients will get a 25% discount on their order when you use the coupon code ‘easy’ at checkout. NOTE: The box to enter the discount coupon does not appear until you get to the 2nd step (billing information) in their shopping cart). 

Bonus: When you purchase 3 shields and use our coupon code ‘easy’ at check out, you’ll receive a 4th shield for free!

Additional Bonus: You will get a free Wifi Shield with the purchase of each pair of Insoles or Insole Kits. Note: The free shields will not show up on your order checkout page but will be manually added to your order when they ship it.

New This Year: They now have an ‘insole kit’ that will let you convert any insole, in any shoe, into a Frequency Flow Insole! Now you don’t need to worry about buying and insole that might not fit or that might make your shoe too tight! Details are on their website. Your 25% ‘easy’ discount applies to these too and in addition, you’ll get a free WiFi shild for your phone with every kit you purchase!

What sold us on the Frequency Flow products was our personal results with the Frequency Flow InsolesWe always test for real results before we endorse a product. Cheryl began wearing the insoles during the day and within 2 weeks was noticing a dramatic reduction in leg fatigue at the end of the day. It was especially noticeable after full days cooking and standing in the kitchen – her achy legs were no longer achy! (The insoles fit easily in her household slippers).

Cheryl’s next ‘Aha Moment’ occurred after two different shopping trips to the mall. She usually comes home exhausted from the fumes and general toxic feel that she experiences in most stores. Her first trip to the mall with the insoles in and she came home absent the normal fatigue feeling. However, it didn’t really hit her until another shopping trip a week later, when she went without her insoles (forgot to move them from her slippers to her shoes). That evening the shopping mall ‘fatigue experience’ was back and she had her ‘Aha Moment’ that the insoles really did make a difference!

It was time for Forest to try them! Last fall, after a summer of much walking and hiking, he was experiencing significant pain from plantar fasciitis in his right foot – foot exercises and reduced walking for 3 months did not impact or reduce the pain. After Cheryl’s results he began wearing the Frequency Flow Insoles all day and within 3-4 weeks was noticing a significant (about 85%) reduction in foot pain! WOW! Numerous clients have experienced similar results with reduction in foot and leg pain.

Not sure if they’ll help you? Take a 60-Day Risk Free Trial! The Frequency Flow Insoles come with with a 60-day money back guarantee – they have to give you results or Frequency Flow is happy to give you a full refund. All insole orders include a free WiFi Shield (when you use our coupon code ‘easy’ at checkout). If you return the insoles, you still keep the WiFi Shield!

Who needs to take a 60-day risk free trial with the insoles? Anyone with foot pain, leg fatigue, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, or you’re just spending most of the day on your feet (retail workers, cooks, runners, teachers). The insoles have been shown to increase blood flow to the feet as well as mitigate WiFi radiation.

In each insole kit you will receive 18 holograms – 9 for each insole. The prism effect you see in the photo is light reflecting off the geometric metallic designs that hold the frequencies in the holograms. Enjoy!

Using our coupon code ‘easy’ at check out will give you a 25% discount off list price – this makes the Wifi Shield just $29.95, the insoles $111, and the insole kits $51.75! 

Buy 3 and Get 1 Free: If you purchase 3 Wifi Shields, a 4th free Shield will be added to your order when it ships (this does not show on your order). When you order the insoles or kit, you will also receive a free Wifi Shield for each set ordered (this does not show on the order form – but you will receive the shield with your order). Keep the free shield, even if you return you insoles!

This insoles are flat and thin and fit easily all shoes and slippers. Sizing – if you’re in doubt on the size (see sizing chart on the order page), order the next size smaller – especially for women with small feet and men with large feet. Cheryl is a size 9.5 and found that the size B worked best for her shoes. Forest is a size 10.5 and uses the size D.

At check out, use the coupon code: ‘easy’

Olive Oil and Vinegar

Quality, great tasting olive oil and vinegars are a stable in our kitchen – we use and enjoy them every day in our cooking, on our salads and ‘straight up’ for a brain/energy boost!

The challenge for most people is that they’ve never experienced great tasting, high quality olive oil – until they come to our office or home and we share ours. Then it becomes love at first taste!

We use and purchase our oils from Health Essentialsin Burlington, Colorado. We love their knowledge and passion for healthy living and for great olive oil. The oils they sell are distributed by a company called Veronica Foods. You can go to the Veronica Foods website and request a list of stores that might be near you so that you can go in and sample the amazing tastes!

We encourage you to consider mail ordering from Health Essentials because of their passion for oil and because we’ve found their prices to be significantly less expensive than our local stores that carry the same line of olive oils (even with the cost of shipping added to your order). When you order, please tell them Forest and Cheryl referred you!

NEW: Free Shipping on all orders over $100!

Health Essentials, 451 14th Street, Burlington, CO 80807  ~  719-346-4681

Veronica Foods:


In her cookbooks Cheryl recommends Penzey’s Spices. Many of you have asked us for an alternative brand and we found one: The Spice House. They carry many of the same spice blends that Penzey’s does, but at a better price and we feel, a slightly better quality.

Our favorite from Penzey’s is Fox Point. At The Spice House it is called Lake Shore Drive and is $5 less expensive for the 1 cup jar. You’ll also want to order some Green Peppercorns – these are a great alternative to Black Pepper and rarely test as inflammatory, which black pepper almost always does.

We love their websiteFacebook page and their passion for great food and great spices. Their story: the owner of The Spice House and the owner of Penzey’s are siblings. The original spice business was started by the parents. The siblings each started their own spice business. The Spice House is smaller and does not have stores nationwide, but their online ordering is very easy. We feel that because of their smaller size and greater attention to detail, that we are getting a better quality spice and clearly a better price value.

On-Line Training

All of our on-line training is hosted on our training site:

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Our Podcast is free at We add audio training to our podcast weekly. Podcasts are easy to listen to on the web and can also be downloaded and accessed on your mobile device by downloading the appropriate app at:  PodBean for iPhone or Podbean for Android.


Bija Chocolates continues to be our favorite chocolate bar! Really great quality – we love the smooth taste and subtle flavors and we love their passion for making a difference for the women and children in the nations that produce the cocoa bean. Please visit their website and give yourself the treat of great chocolate!

Save 20% when you order online – use coupon code: ‘townsley20e’ at checkout!

Bija Chocolates:

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For years we've wanted an easy way to help more people. Creating a healthier life calls for regular support, encouragement and most of all, affordablility!
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