Convert Your Favorite Recipe – Make It Healthier!

Having written several cookbooks and developed hundreds of recipes, I find it quite easy to read a recipe and figure out how to convert it to something healthy AND tasty! I’ve read over 500 cookbooks and find that over time, some principles just work and it can be quite relaxing and easy.

Here are some of my initial steps in converting a recipe:

· Eliminate sugar.
Instead of fat-free, think sugar-free! My favorite alternative sweetener is xylitol. Since xylitol is somewhat sweeter, I use less of it than sugar.

· Notice the oil/fat content.
Good fats are what allow us to feel satiated and feel full longer. Olive or coconut oil can support your health. Avoid vegetable oils – they are too refined and toxic to the body.

· Lower the carbohydrate content.
You can cut carbs and sugar and feel better (even lose weight). In recipes, this means, less pasta (use whole grain pasta instead of white) and whole grains (brown instead of white rice).

· Cut out packaged food sources.
Instead of creamed soup mixes or canned soup, try the sauce in the Creamed Spinach recipe in this issue. Try it over chicken/poultry or even eggs or in your favorite casserole recipe.

Now it is your turn – – try converting your recipe. Or, send us a copy of your favorite recipe (include your story of the recipe) and let us help you. Cooking healthy can be fun, easy and affordable!!