Ever try on a pair of jeans and see the fat roll over the top?  Or maybe you workout regularly and can still see a layer of fat squishing your amazing abs so no one sees the muscle.

Belly fat is a major contributor to heart disease and indicates blood sugar imbalances.  Many people know they need to change their diet and exercise and many make those changes.  What can you do when you have done that and the belly fat just won’t leave?

Let’s look at diet changes that you may not have looked at an emotional trigger you might not realize feeds that belly fat.

When addressing diet, be sure to eat every 3 hours.  Going long periods of time between meals/snacks impacts blood sugar so the body holds on to fat thinking it might not get fed again!  Eating breakfast sets metabolism, so when you skip breakfast, the body doesn’t know to kick-in metabolism and again holds on to body fat!  Consume adequate protein and good fats so that the body can produce hormones and balance blood sugar.  My preference for a breakfast shake to do that is a good protein shake and Barlean’s Swirl (great flavor addition to the shake without adding fruit).

The easiest way I know to do that is with a breakfast shake and add good fats.  It is easy and starts your day off right.  Be sure to keep feeding the body throughout the day (every 3 hours) so that blood sugar stays stable and the body CAN burn the belly fat!

Emotionally, I have found that offenses and anger tend to lodge in the belly area.  Emotions convert to chemicals and get stored when we don’t know to express and/or process them in a healthy way.  How many of you have heard, “I just swallowed that feeling”?  Well, where did it go?  In my book, Discovering Wholeness I cover how the emotions and beliefs impact many diseases and health issues.

Without a doubt, stuffed anger and offenses add on belly fat!  Think of people whose behavior or words ‘offend’ you – – do you notice a feeling or some ‘heat’ in your belly area?  Well that offense is alive and well and impacting you!

To release that offense/ anger, first forgive the person. That doesn’t mean you condone or even agree with them, it does mean you want to be free of the offense.  I then find it helpful to ask God to bless them – – – If I can easily do that, I know I have released the offense.  If everything in me resists doing that, I know that the offense and anger are still boiling around in me and that belly fat isn’t moving!

It might require some journaling to ‘get that out’ of you and a lot of forgiving, but you can be free of those deadly offenses and anger.  The more you replace it with appreciation and joy, the more the mid-section melts into a toned and beautifully functioning part of your body!

Isn’t it wonderful to know you can eat and enjoy creating a firm, toned waistline?  Join me on the Breakfast Challenge and let’s be friends on Facebook!  My daily posts are constant reminders to enjoy the life you have and learn to be a blessing!!