Making Monday’s Great!

Mondays are the start of a new week.  It’s a fresh beginning where we can anticipate new, exciting, fun things.  We begin the week with a bounce in our step and a hope in our hearts for good things.

Or …

Mondays can be filled with dread and defeat with the attitude of same ole, same ole.  Humph!

I’ve been in both places and I would imagine you have too.  But let’s take a look at this in terms of taking care of ourselves.

How many Monday’s have come and gone with the thought of “Monday I start my diet … start exercising … quit smoking … eat better … start organizing myself better … care about myself more … etc.

You make that declaration but yet you know, if you are honest deep inside, that it’s not going to happen.  However, for some reason, this time you think it will be different and some how magically “it” will happen.

Monday comes with a little bit of hope, but Monday goes with that familiar heavy feeling of guilt, defeat and hopelessness. The self-judgment and resentment build with each passing Monday making it harder and less appealing to try to achieve your goal.

Do you know the feeling?  I do.  Been there done that and sometimes still do that.  Why is it we don’t do the things we want to do and do the things we don’t want to do?

What a loaded question! Right?  Well, I am here to tell you that there is hope!  Our behavior is fruit of an inner belief system.  When we become aware of a struggle count it as a revelation of an inner belief that needs to be healed. Don’t judge it or condemn it, instead embrace it so that you can be set free, experience healing and become whole in that area.

It starts with being honest with self in a loving, supportive way.  There are reasons why you are where you are with your health.  Judging and condemning yourself will only give you more of the same.  Look at where you have been wounded in the area you are struggling in and grant forgiveness starting with you.  Let go of the baggage and the baggage will let go of you!

Let’s put the bounce back into Monday by starting a journey of wholeness with love, honesty, forgiveness and acceptance of YOU!  That is where true health and wellness begin.