Do you ever feel you have to do everything yourself? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and working too hard? It’s interesting to me that from the very beginning God knew He didn’t want to live by Himself. He created man and woman to partner with Him in life – — to co-create.
As I reflect on my life, every area that has prospered has included partners and a network of relationships. I’ve also experienced how others have prospered by partnering with me.
I remember asking our former dentist (he has gone back to school) how many patients we had sent him. He said that 60% of his practice had come from our referrals. I was shocked – we had made a major difference not only in his life but in his business and for the people we had referred to him.
Partnering and creating a network of relationships is a lifestyle. If you would like to experience a new level of prospering in your life – – – financially, health, relationally, mentally, and professionally – — – it may be time to take a closer look at your network of partners.
To keep it authentic and real, follow these prospering guidelines:
Learn to respond to people and not just tell them what you do.
Do you respond to an email, call, note, facebook, etc? Or, do you just post what you do?
Setting aside political preferences, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each had a lot of followers in their social media campaign. The biggest difference is that Obama followed 46,252 people and Clinton followed 0 people. One connected, one posted. (Barack Obama’s Social Media Lessons for Business – Barack 2.0 page 25)
Look for opportunities to connect other people to each other.
Do you just tell others what you do or do you see opportunities to promote others?
Recently I was working out with my trainer and she commented on her desire to promote their gym. I immediately thought of Ted Jones and his excellent work with our website and newsletter. I connected Sue and Ted and they are both excited to work together.
Update what you do and create more value.
Are you doing the same things you were doing 5 years ago or are you learning and growing?
Many people supported me when my dad passed away in April. A friend of mine, Lynn, offered me some emotional support, which I took advantage of. She helped me deal with some changes and I felt better. I was working with a client’s mom and she mentioned some challenges. Immediately I thought of Lynn and introduced them to each other.
Know what your strengths and your weaknesses
Do you expect others to recognize your strengths? Do you recognize their strengths and how you could complement each other?
I love working with Bruce Barlean in many area of business and health.. Bruce and I have very different strengths and we complement each other. Our partnering over 15 years has benefitted each of us in more ways than I can count.
Partnering means we play on a field that combines all of their strengths with all of our strengths. That is powerful!
So how can you get started in creating a network of partners? Take advantage of simple, fast yet effective networking tools such as
  • Facebook–I’d like to be your friend! Connect with Lifestyle for Health on Facebookas we build our new site. Respond to people, don’t just post!
  • Twitter–I’m learning it – how about you?
  • Blogging–Check out my blog and the blog of a good friend, Ken Ewing. He’s a great writer and connecting with people all over the world.
  • Email–when did you last email a friend to just say “hi”? 
  • Notes by snail mail (don’t you love to get snail mail – – how about sending a thank you to your favorite practitioner, hair stylist or someone that blesses you?)
  • Telephone–How about calling a friend you haven’t talked to in years?
  • Skype–This free service lets you see each other and connect with them with no long distance charges. It is easy to use and we often do our international calls with Skype.
  • Smile–Recently my trainer commented on Anna by saying “Oh that’s the girl that is always smiling when I see her.” People do notice you and your countenance. Sometimes that is our most ‘famous’ calling card.
God understood partnering and networking. He created man and woman. He brought us into relationship with Him. When I partner with Him, ALL of His strengths (that’s a lot) are connected to my strengths and together with our combined networks we can impact a BIG world. 
For me, that is a life that is easy and fun! It is so much lighter than doing it all by myself. Is time for you to add partnering and networking to your life?