Most people never really take a look at their fingernails unless they are getting a manicure. Yet, our fingernails tell us a lot about our health and how our body would like to be supported.

What Does a Healthy Nail Look Like?

Healthy nails are a translucent color, with a pink nail bed and white tips, regardless of ethnic background. When the nail bed is pale it often reflects a lack of minerals and sometimes even a lack of oxygen.

There should be no ridges or lines running lengthwise in the nail. The nails should be slightly rounded and smooth. When there are lines, there is usually a need to support the adrenals from too much stress. What supports the adrenals? An increase in easily digested protein and minerals.

Nails should be firm, not soft. Soft nails often indicate poor nutrition and possibly sensitive nerves due to stress.

Beautify Your Nails with Nutrition

Clearly, nutrition plays a big part in healthy, beautiful nails. Take it from a woman with naturally beautiful nails . . . .

  • Eat lots of veggies (greener the better)!
  • Consider a protein shake that contains minerals and enzymes – – fastest support for building healthy nails that I have found.
  • Learn to relax, laugh and shake of stress. Stress is not an event; it is how we choose to react to events!
  • Practice deep breathing to better oxygenate the body. Yoga and Pilates are great avenues to develop deep breathing.

Create a Natural Manicure at Home

Several foods found in your kitchen can be used to give you healthier nail in minutes for just pennies. So many products used on nails have toluene, formaldehyde or other damaging chemicals. Read the label and keep your nail support as natural as possible and avoid the toluene and formaldehyde!

  • Soak your hands and nails in buttermilk or apple cider vinegar. The acids in the buttermilk and vinegar help to slough off dead skin cells.
  • Rub coconut oil into your cuticles and your nail. This lubricates the skin and nails and really shapes up cuticles.
  • Take the time to buff your nails to a beautiful, natural shine.

Good nutrition inside and good nutrition outside combined with a relaxed lifestyle and you create hands and nails of a pampered man or woman – pampering that extends your life and your health! Doesn’t cost a lot of money and it does make a difference!!

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