Ever wondered why life seems so hard and challenging? I began to question that belief as I read Matthew 11:28-30. I certainly understood the hard-working and weary part. But, easy? As I asked the Lord a simple question, He began to show me His way . . . that simple question was:

Is it possible that God’s way can be ‘EASY’ and if so, what in the world would that look like?

My husband and I were both raised with strong worth ethics. We worked hard, and had great discipline, so ‘easy’ was a total mystery. In fact we even argued over the concept. Weren’t we supposed to train our daughter for hard work? Didn’t we expect our employees to work hard at their jobs? How did ‘easy’ fit into life . . . into real life?

Define Easy

The first response people have to the word EASY is that it takes no effort and that it isn’t hard. It took me years to discover a definition of EASY from God’s perspective. Once I did, it changed my entire understanding of Matthew 11:30.

Easy is the ‘next most useful step!’

Since God orders our steps and makes our path straight, the ‘next step’ is the most important. Once we let the ‘next step’ become simple enough that it looks EASY, our whole being aligns to get it done. Then we take the next step and the next and before we know it, we truly are creating the life we were meant to live!

It Starts in Your Head!

EASY is a key perception for our brains. One part of our brain, the Reticular Activating System (RAS), is programed to help us handle ‘threats’. The RAS is programmed primarily by the age of 7! It’s interesting to note that at best, a 7-year old runs our default stress system! This means that when our RAS perceives a threat or that something is ‘hard’, our stress hormones kick in and default reactions are activated without our conscious thinking.

Imagine you are late for work (or an appointment), you can’t find your keys, and the phone is ringing (you get the picture). REACTIONS kick in. Those reactions are from the RAS and your body responds accordingly. We can’t find anything, traffic is slow, we hit red lights, everything just gets harder and harder and we get more and more frustrated! EASY seems a long way away – if not impossible.

When it comes to creating new health/life strategies, we trigger that same response if we start with a step that the RAS considers to be hard. Learning to slow down and identify the ‘next most useful step’ allows the learning and creative part of the brain to kick in instead of the stress-responding part of our brain. When we are able to do this we create a different chain of events – so that we don’t go from bad to worse, but from easy to “I can do this”!

The EASY Question

Instead of asking ‘what should I do?’, ask a question that could change your life forever!

“What is the next most useful step to get me where I’m going?”

This simple question connects us to our creativity, calms our breathing, helps us see options and lets our choices be simpler and smaller. It works!

I’ve watched people apply this simple question to weight loss, relational challenges, financial hurdles and even their time with the Lord. It produces FRUIT . . .  just like Matthew 11:28-30 promises!

No matter what is going on in your life, KNOW that God has an EASY way! Your brain likes ‘EASY’ ideas. You can open the door (any time) by asking this simple question: “What is the next most useful step to get me where I’m going?”  Try it and see what you discover!

The journey of life can be lined with EASY, useful steps. God does order those steps and He does make our path straight. We can live the life we were created to live and it can be EASY! Yes, it does take effort, but it is effort we have the capacity to give!!

Let your life be EASY!


Cheryl Townsley coaches women to have real breakthroughs in a real life, especially in the areas of weight loss, inflammation and lifestyle habits. As always, she helps the process be easy and practical!

Cheryl and her family live in The Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Visit her on Face book at Cheryl Townsley and check out her FREE resources at www.CherylTownsley.com/FREE.