The Inflammation Breakthrough Program

Discover the EASY Way to Reverse Inflammation!

  • What if losing weight could become ‘easy’? 
  • What if weight loss was just one of the side benefits of creating a healthier you?
  • What if your hormones stabilized and your brain kicked back into full gear?
  • What if your adrenals finally started to relax and you could run on real energy? 
  • What if all of this were the result of simply changing what you eat vs. counting calories or fighting the battle of deprivation?

Learning to remove inflammation from you body creates a cascade of health benefits that impact every area of your health. It is now acknowledged by the medical community that inflammation is at the root of every disease process. Learning to reduce inflammation, the easy way, by discovering and eliminating your inflammatory foods, lets your body begin healing from the gut out. The gut is now seen as the center of your entire immune system – a healthy gut impacts everything from digestion to brain health.

The following testimonies are from real people who have gone through the Inflammation Breakthrough Program process of learning how to discover the foods that their body actually loves and thrives on.  They’ve also discovered the foods that their body doesn’t love; the foods that cause an inflammatory response in their gut.  Inflammation in the gut impacts every other system in your body, most noticeably your brain and your hormones.  As inflammation is reduced and removed in the gut, amazing transformations can happen very quickly.

Program Testimonies

“When I look at all of these pictures, what touches me the most are the stories behind the pictures – knowing how lives and families have been touched and transformed and knowing that the work we’re doing is touching people of every age, with many different ‘challenges’, with many different goals, and living in many different circumstances.  One plan/program doesn’t work for everyone.  You are unique and when you learn to customize for you, amazing transformations can happen!” Cheryl Townsley

Program Introduction

The Inflammation Breakthrough Program came out of my desire to help my husband and several close friends find a solution to some health challenges that were not improving – that nothing else was working for. When we launched the trial program it amazed me that over 100 people immediately enrolled – as we tracked their results over the next 30 days, no one was more surprised than me. The results were profound! So much more than even I had expected – what a great feeling!

The Problems:

  • Lack of energy!
  • Excess weight and obesity impact people of all ages!
  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders will impact 1 in 2.
  • Brain fog as become a reality for the young as well as the elderly.
  • Depression and Anxiety are at an all time high.
  • Adrenal fatigue and low energy have become the norm.
  • Low or no sex drive.
  • Stress has become a normal lifestyle that never ends.
  • In the 1980s, fats were declared unhealthy! The problem: our body and brain were designed to burn fat as their optimal fuel but for 40+ years we’ve attempted to make them run on sugar and carbs . . . to the detriment of every area of our health. Simple changes in your diet can change everything for the positive!
  • Sugar intake has sky-rocketed as sugar was introduced into our diets to replace the fats that were removed. The result is a constant craving for more of the foods that are inflaming you, depleting your energy, messing up your hormones . . . and the list goes on and on.
  • Inflammation is no longer just a way for the body to heal, it is at the foundation of virtually every disease. Inflammation can be caused by the foods we eat, our stressful lifestyles and/or emotional challenges.

The Solution:

You are unique! Any plan or program must be customized for you or, once again, you will be the person for whom the ‘perfect’ program didn’t work.  Sound familiar?

The Lifestyle for Health Inflammation Breakthrough Program is an automated, customized program based on real food, real community and the principle of ‘EASY’.  Easy doesn’t mean no effort; it means ‘knowing the next most useful step to take you where you want to go’.  The program is based on teaching you to identify and take the ‘next easy step’ toward achieving your health goals.

The program is designed to help you identify the foods that are inflammatory for you and those that are the best for you (non-inflammatory). You’ll be introduced to great recipes and strategies to help you incorporate those foods into your daily lifestyle.

We’ll introduce you the concept of good fats: the fats that your body has to have, with every meal, if you want it to run with natural energy and mental clarity. The brain is made up of primarily fat and water and when these are not supported with adequate fat and water intake you begin to experience brain fog, low energy and eventually you lay the foundation for dementia and other mental diseases.

You’ll learn how to support good gut health with the foods you eat.  Over 80% of your body’s immune system is in the gut.  When your gut is unhealthy, or inflamed, you live with the consequences of a compromised immune system and the daily stress of inflammation on every organ system in your body.

The program will help you lose weight (if you need to lose weight) by reducing inflammation in the gut – not by counting calories!  Your results will go beyond weight loss to so much more!  Watch your brain come alive again, your sleep improve, your aches and pains begin to disappear, and enjoy waking up each day with energy and vitality!

The program will not cause you to lose weight if you don’t need to lose weight!

The Lifestyle for Health Inflammation Program equips you with the following resources:


  • Easy online access to the complete program with unlimited access for you and your immediate family (living in one home).
  • Video library of over 50 short training videos and recorded calls for every concept and FAQ!
  • Downloadable files for all program directions.
  • 3 day cleanse with real food.
  • Supplement recommendations to support your thyroid, digestion and liver.
  • Customized eating plan based on your blood type, metabolism, digestion and thyroid status.
  • First 7-days eating plan with recipes (all with color pictures).
  • Exclusive access to our community via our private Facebook group page.
  • You are never alone – You have a team, a community and our staff to support you on your journey!
  • Optional: Jump-start your program with a one-on-one appointment with Cheryl. She’ll test you on all of your foods and supplements to make sure that from day one you are getting optimal results! Call our office for details – this can also be done long-distance – 719-488-5688.

The Lifestyle for Health Inflammation Program is all about You and Real Results!

Real Testimonies after 21 days:


  • Average of 5.5 pounds lost in Week One   ~   Average of 10 pounds over 21 days!
  • Inches lost in waist – Range of 2″ – 6”   ~   Average of 3.4” off waist in 21 days!
  • Loss of joint pain
  • Stabilized blood pressure
  • Sleeping all night for the first time in years!
  • Stabilized blood sugar
  • Loss of puffiness and cellulite
  • Off inhaler for asthma
  • Able to walk/exercise without hurting
  • Never feeling deprived
  • Loss of carb and sugar cravings
  • Candida symptoms gone
  • Feeling peaceful and less reactive
  • Reduced allergies
  • Energy
  • Smoother skin and loss of wrinkles Heartburn gone
  • UP to 75% reduction in supplements!

Everything You Need to Create a Healthy You!

Discover the easy way to reverse inflammation, restore mental clarity, balance hormones, create abundant energy and manage weight and manage your weight. The Lifestyle for Health Inflammation Breakthrough Program is customized for you and helps you create a lifestyle that your body loves! Stories that encourage you with an easy plan that lets you discover while being supported and encouraged by an amazing community!

Thousands of people from around the world have worked with Cheryl Townsley as a Naturopath, Wisdom Coach and Home Economist, through her Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic. The most common feedback is, “Cheryl is so practical, she just makes sense. I can and want to do this!”

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