I’m no longer picked last!!!

I remember those moments so vividly.  Team captains were selected and they would pick team – I hated being picked last.  I dreaded having to play the games knowing I would mess up and kids would laugh at me.  How I longed for the classroom where I could be comfortable just being ‘smart.’

The dread of PE classes, group activities, volley-ball games, swimming and summer parties and hikes grew over the decades until I became quite skilled at avoiding anything that smelled like physical activity.  I was convinced I could be healthy and fit with a perfect diet and supplements.

As I headed into my 50s, it became apparent that fear and avoidance was costing me my life and vitality.  I was rapidly approaching being a liability to my family.  I knew it was time to change.

Facing the giant of ‘exercise’ seemed overwhelming!  It slammed into every wall of my comfort zone and dialed up untold number of memories.  The 90 Day Challenge was pretty easy when I only focused on weight and body fat. . . . when I decided to do a kick boxing video – – – – that unleashed a whole new season in my life.

I learned a lot in setting that 90 Day Challenge.  I learned that people will support me not laugh at me.  I discovered that the very resources I needed appear at just the right time, if I’m looking for them.  People I didn’t even know January 1st, 2012 have shown up and been instrumental in this challenge.

I have discovered that even at 58, my body can change, strengthen and adjust to the demands I put on it.  I’m experiencing a level of success I never thought would ever be possible for me!

Just this past weekend, I was selected by the instructor to demonstrate how to do a move in my kickboxing class! The enemy of being picked last, being laughed at and feeling like a failure is being kicked out of my life every single day!

What about you?  Ready to face those old programs and discover what you can do?  Lifestyle for Health and our Team is committed to supporting people discover their potential and experience life at a whole new level.

Enjoy the story and know that my success means anyone can succeed and that means you!

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Please feel free to share your comments and what you resolve to do? I look forward to hearing from you!