I often find clients dehydrated and yet their first response is “I drink lots of water!” Drinking water and utilizing water to create full hydration are two different results.

Since water makes up over 70% (by weight) of our body’s composition (more in the brain), assimilating water is one of the first steps to take to improve your overall health. Here are some signs that you could be dehydrated:

Pinch Test

~ Pinch Test

Pinch the skin on the back of the hand and then release.  If the skin doesn’t ‘snap back’ into place, you are dehydrated.

~ Dry skin

If the skin is overall dry, the body is usually dehydrated.

~ Sluggish bowels

Dehydration is not the only reason for sluggish bowels, but it can definitely play a role.

~ Drink, go to the bathroom

If the tissues in the body are ‘dry’, then water runs off just like water off of a dry sponge

~ Up at night to go to the bathroom

I didn’t have the upper two issues, but had been noticing getting up 1-2 times at night.  I started on the following support and immediately saw that change.


What can you do?  “Rehydration” is our best selling product.  You simply add drops to your purified drinking water to help the water be ‘wetter’ and more ‘easily absorbed.  Clients have found improvement in all of the above areas with the use of Rehydrate.

To keep it easy, I simply add 5-8 drops in each of my water bottles so that I get 20-25 drops each day.  It is simple and really does make difference! Call our office to order a bottle: 719-488-5688