“Food is the most intimate thing you can buy . . . Unlike clothes and shoes that dress the outside, food goes into your body and builds who you become.” ~Ani Phyo

How we see ourselves — our mental image – – not the mirror, often determines a lot of our choices. If we see ourselves a certain size, we will gravitate to certain styles and colors. Even though I have lost 4 sizes, I still find myself looking at larger sizes, and a narrow range of styles. That is all part of our ‘mental image’.

Just as our clothing is impacted by that ‘mental image’, so are our food choices. How often does a person seek out sweets to ‘fill the hole’ of loneliness or sadness? How often does a person seek out pizza and pasta to feel comfort in the midst or relational chaos?

Our relationships also feed that ‘mental image’. People can encourage or discourage and often we attract the ‘discouragers’ so our ‘mental image’ gets to be ‘right!’ You can change the input you get from others by deciding you want to surround yourself with encouragers!

Let’s take a look at a few strategies that could help you discover and feed your inner beauty.

  • It’s ok to have healthy friends! You don’t have to save the world and only associate with people who need you! Look for people who want to give and receive!
  • Discover new rewards! Instead of eating out or ‘treats’, find other ways to reward yourself when you reach a goal!
  • Look for options to sugar! Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to mood swings, depression and then poor food choices. I prefer xylitol and stevia to sugar. Maple syrup and honey, thought natural are high in sugar and can still trigger those reactions.
  • Don’t skip meals! Eating every 3 hours helps you create stable blood sugar, which will help you with better choices.
  • Enjoy what you eat! So often we get so focused on ‘eat this,’ ‘don’t eat this’ that food becomes confusion with no enjoyment. Set a nice table, use a beautiful plate or glass — – let the environment be beautiful (just like you) and enjoy what you eat! Allow the time to savor bites, listen to music and enjoy fueling your body and your life!
  • Find a passion! I’ve discovered I actually love kickboxing! It really helps that I have an amazing class and instructors — they encourage me constantly and that is helping me encourage myself. In turn I encourage the newer students. I love what I’m learning and it continues to change how I see myself!

How about you? Food is so intimate – – – it can shape you, mold you and fuel you. Instead of just ‘letting it happen’, choose to shape, mold and fuel the ‘beautiful you’ each and every day!