There is a place, not too far from your head and your heart, where you live life.  In between the complex thoughts that drive you through the day, and the ups and downs of the highs and lows of emotions during the very same day, there is a space called “life”.  And you want it to be “easy”; it’s supposed to be “easy”. But  it’s not.

And I’m still working on it.  But I’ll tell you something: after over half a century of pressing in, pressing down, being pressed on, pressed together, depressed, oppressed, repressed and pressured I finally decided to let life be easy.  It wasn’t life that was hard; it was me that was making it hard.  Now, it’s easy…and fun…and, well, worth living again.

I’m going to use this space to chat, talk, convince, preach, encourage, humor, mentor and learn more about this journey called “Easy”.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.