Early in our marriage, Forest and I went through a fairly big challenge with our finances. We lost our home, business, car and went Gift Bagsthrough bankruptcy. Not a fun time. However, we were incredibly blessed with the support of friends and our church. 

As the holidays drew near, I wanted to thank the many people who had blessed us. I counted up over 300 people – – Forest couldn’t figure out how that happened as he didn’t think we knew that many people. Well, we did know a lot of people and most of them were married and had kids. I just didn’t want to leave anyone out.

We had no extra money, but I figured God would help me be creative. He did! He gave me the idea of making gift bags out of grocery bags (watch our special holiday gift giving video) and then fill them with homemade goodies. That little gift bag has been the feature of many television shows and now you can make them yourself. They are easy, inexpensive and can be decorated with a little imagination.
The biggest lesson I learned that Christmas was that giving isn’t based on having a big bank account or credit cards (we had neither). Giving is a reflection of the heart. If you truly have a desire to give, lots of options will open up and actually create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Each person who got a gift that year loved what they got. There were no ‘returns’, no wrong sizes . . . just food, love and appreciation. 

Many people are cutting back on expenses this holiday season. How about asking God to help you find your ‘giving spirit’ and let it help you give out of your heart instead of your wallet? 

It just may be the best Christmas you have ever had!