Most of us know that chemicals are not good for our bodies. Yet, 100% organic produce might not fit your budget. If you are wondering where to prioritize cleaning up your food sources, take a look at the ‘dirty 10!’

These 10 fruits and vegetables contain the highest pesticide loads. The more you get organic here, the less toxic load you are putting into your body and your family! It is possible to build health without breaking the bank – your bank!

#1 Apples

Costco usually carries organic apples. As fall approaches, consider getting fresh apples from the western slopes. Check out dried apples when you can’t find fresh organic sources.

#2 Bell Peppers

You can often find jars of organic roasted red peppers on sale. Buy in quantity and have them on hand when you need them. You can purchase organic peppers in the summer/fall, chop and freeze in half cup quantities for future use.

#3 Celery

Organic celery is more abundant in late summer or fall. Purchase in quantity, chop it up and freeze – it freezes beautifully!

#4 Cherries

Cherries are abundant in late summer. Look for organic or consider purchasing frozen organic or dried cherries to cut the chemicals if a recipe uses a lot of cherries.

#5 Grapes

Without a doubt, regular grapes have a lot of chemicals. Once you cut out produce with chemicals you can taste the chemicals on regular grapes. Late summer and fall is a great time to purchase organic grapes to freeze! These make instant icy sweet treats!

#6 Nectarines and #7 Peaches

Both of these are available late summer and early fall and both freeze well. Keep a jar of organic peach preserves on hand or any frozen fruit for a punch of flavor to any recipe.

#8 Pears

Again, check out Costco in the late summer and fall. When you can’t find organic, use dried, canned or frozen.

#9 Potatoes

Costco, Vitamin Cottage and farmer’s markets can be your friend. When you can get them, purchase, parboil (partially cook) and freeze. “Instant” potatoes as a side dish for any meal !

#10 Raspberries

The same is true for strawberries – when you can find them in late spring and early summer, buy and freeze. They are so simple to freeze.

The cleaner your food sources (fresh, organic and unprocessed), the more nutrition and health you are creating. Enjoy your food and let your body benefit from your clean sources!