I grew up on a small farm in Kansas.  I noticed that my grandparents spent quite a bit of time in the sun and none of their generation had skin cancer.  Yet, today that fun in the sunproblem is quite common.  Could there be a difference in their generations and ours?  Absolutely!

Over the years, I have found the following people tend to have more skin (i.e., burning, skin cancer) issues:

  • Presence of wheat allergies (wheat has been greatly altered in the past few decades)
  • Consuming fast foods (processed foods abound everywhere)
  • High sugar intake (average sugar intake has gone from 23#/year to 150#/year).  Actually high sugar intake can lead to splotchy tanning.
  • High toxicity – the more toxic, the more we tend to ‘fry’!

So what can you do to enjoy the sun and not create a potential problem?

ONE:  Limit sun exposure to about 15 minutes so that you don’t burn.

TWO:  Be sure your diet is chock full of good anti-oxidants (i.e.,veggies, fruits, greens) and good fats (i.e., fish, Omega 3s, coconut oil, etc)

THREE:  Avoid wheat and processed foods as much as possible.

FOUR:  Use ‘clean’ sun products.  That would be ones without PABA, Parabens, Fragrances, Nanoparticles, Retinyl Palmitate (a form of Vitamin A), Oxybenzone, Benzophenone-3 (B-3) and Amino Benzoic Acid, whose side effects can include a host of health horrors which can effect your heart, hormones and even your DNA!