Friends and Family – Time to Get-Together!

I know how important friendships are and how easy they are to let disappear over time. As seasons of our lives have come and gone, we have been intentional on staying connected to people who matter to us.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to have people over for brunch, lunch or dinner. The big reason most people don’t do that is they think it is too much work — – it doesn’t have to be too much work . . . it can be FUN!!

Years ago I decided to let life be easier, so now when I invite people I let them join in the food preparation and even help me with the cleanup. I no longer have to be the ‘saint – tired saint’ who does it all!

Our most recent party (actually a surprise birthday party for my husband) is a great example. I decided to do BBQ, which is one of his favorites. I had someone do the bbq beef ribs, someone else made the cole slaw and homemade ice cream. Someone else brought baked beans and veggies. Others brought the balloons. I simply made the cake ahead of time and slipped it into the freezer (well hidden from prying eyes).

Since the party was here, I couldn’t even set up ahead of time (big deal for an ‘organizer’ like me!!). So, everyone pitched it, we set the table, brought in the food and let it all be FUN!

Forest was surprised, the food was great and I didn’t stress over it – only challenge was not saying something I wasn’t supposed to say that would ruin the ‘surprise!’

The next time you want to have ‘fun’ – – – think about getting together with friends (your house, a park . . . ) and let it be FUN and easy. Enjoy your summer and enjoy the friends in your life!!


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