For years I thought that ‘not being sick’ meant I was healthy.  Then I learned that a lack of symptoms didn’t mean I was healthy at all!  In fact I actually had a lot of symptoms of poor health but had no way of recognizing it.

I was often tired, didn’t sleep, and had emotional meltdowns and brain fog.  Those symptoms were so ‘normal’ for me that I had no clue they indicated adrenal fatigue.  From that simple beginning I spent almost 20 years restoring my health with an organic diet, lots of pure water and a whole lot of quality supplementation.

I did cleanses and worked with chiropractors, wholistic dentists, and massage therapists to continue to build my health.  I had great cholesterol, blood pressure and other ‘scores.’  I had built health but not FITNESS!  I still do all of those things.

It was when I turned 50 that I began to get the insight that health doesn’t necessarily mean FITNESS!  I might have been healthy, but I got winded walking up stairs.  I couldn’t walk on the beach due to poor balance and I couldn’t lift my luggage into the overhead rack on an airplane.

That was when I knew I had to start moving and exercising.  The next seven years I pursued exercising with a single focus expecting all of the results to just fall into place.  I did lose weight, but not body fat.  I could do more in some areas, but would still not call myself FIT!

18 months ago I was introduced to The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge (see update note at the end of the article).  Yes, I love the shake and the products (I’ve dropped 15% body fat and added 5% lean muscle – – so that is awesome).  But far more important has been the result of my 90 Day Challenges.  (Note the plural – it is now a lifestyle!)

My 1st Challenge was to lean down and I did go down about 2 jean sizes.

My 2nd Challenge was to muscle up and I increased my workouts with my trainer to twice a week and I dropped another 2 jean sizes and began to see some muscle definition.

My 3rd Challenge was a Kickboxing Video and sparring in the ring with a 2-time world champion!  Now that rocked me totally out of my comfort zone.  Yet it became so much fun!

My 4th Challenge was to race my first 10K (Bolder Boulder) and do 9,000 pushups.  I did the 10K and was not even winded!  I also did 10,000 pushups (a much nicer number, don’t you think?).  It amazed even me.

My 5th Challenge is to create “Marine Muscles”.  I’m working with a former Marine who has given me a game plan I can do at home or on the road.  It has great clarity and I’m excited to realize I can do it and I can still balance my life and schedule.

Truly the 90 Day Challenge is more than a shake – – – it is a lifestyle that is getting me FIT at 59 and giving me a quality of life I never had when I pursued only health or weight loss.

Update – While ViSalus was once a major part of my life, and a major contributor to my becoming much more ‘athletic’, the company has gone through changes that no longer let me promote them.  I’m grateful for what they brought into my life and the experiences I had with them, but I no longer endorse them.