Recently someone invited me to a painting party . . . not painting walls . . . painting on a real canvas! I had not painted since grade school. Everyone attending was my daughter’s age, but I decided to go and just have fun!

The instructor had painted a great Colorado scene and we were all going to paint a similar scene; at least that was the idea. I had unconsciously worn light colored pants. Who in there right mind would do that?

As we settled into our places, with aprons, brushes, paint and a blank canvas, I thought how much like life that is. There is a game plan, props and people beside us. So often we get caught up trying to perform ‘perfectly’ and totally miss out on life.

As I caught myself very early trying to ‘do it right’, I decided that since it was my painting, I could just have fun. I let go of ‘doing it just right’ and thoroughly enjoyed the time.

I noticed the depth of colors, played with mixing them and discovered I liked what I was creating. I spilled paint on my pants, asked for help and discovered that even messes can clean up.

Other women were complaining of tight necks and shoulders from being tense. How often, as women, do we have tight muscles and bodies because of being ‘tense’ all day performing ‘perfectly’?

It is so much more fun to let life be a journey of experiences and learning. God always has a way and it isn’t based on us being perfect – – He already took on that role. We can relax, ask for help, learn and enjoy life. That is learning to live life to the fullest!