Cheryl thenSomehow when I hit my late 40s, my whole body changed identities! Sagging everything, loss of muscle, and ‘bumpy’ expansions all seemed to happen overnight. Sound familiar?

As we pass 35, the average person loses 1 pound of muscle/year. A pound of muscle burns 50 calories. Let’s advance 20 years to age 55– lose 20# muscle – 1,000 less calories being burned! If you continue to eat the same, the fat comes on and usually in the ‘belly area’; the unhealthiest area to gain weight!

That was my story. In fact when I was tested ten years ago (age 48) I was actually 45% body fat. A woman should be at 20-25% body fat; I clearly had a problem!

Excess body fat means less muscle and poor posture due to a lack of muscle to hold the body upright. I had already shrunk an inch in height! My mom has shrunk over five inches; as a naturapathic doctor, I knew I had to change this forecast or live out the pattern of my family.

I began the journey of trying everything I knew that could address body-fat. I even began to exercise! Now that was a sight to behold! The first day I got on our recumbent bike, I rode all of 30 seconds (yes, seconds not minutes!). That put me in bed for 3 hours – what a scary place to start.

I had a perfect, organic diet; exercised, worked with professionals, used supplements. Over the next six years I lost 35 pounds. Imagine my disappointment and frustration when my body fat was still at 44%! I had lost weight, but not fat! I was simply a smaller dump!

End of December of 2010, I started the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. I made one change – my protein shake – and kept the rest of my routine intact. Imagine my surprise when I dropped 10 pounds and 3 jean sizes at the end of my challenge!

Usually it takes a 10-20# weight loss to drop one size. A pound of muscle takes up the space of a tangerine and a pound of fat the space of a grapefruit. I had lost fat, gained muscle, gained a half-inch in height and I felt amazing!

If you are battling the middleß–age bulge, take a moment and check out my pictures and story at Then join me on a 90 Day Challenge that can change your life as it has mine!