People wanting to lose weight are bombarded with conflicting theories and suggestions. Having personally lost over 45 pounds and helping thousands of others, I have found that people are different and some suggestions are simply myths!

Myth #1 You are genetically predisposed to be heavy.

Research actually shows that your community of friends has more of an impact on your weight than your genetics. Over-weight people tend to associate with overweight people; active people associate with active. “Birds of a feather do flock together.”

So do you debunk your friends? No, you all agree to a 90-Day Challenge so that getting healthy is something you can all embrace together. A 90-Day Challenge is when you set a goal that matters to you (not a should that someone else wants you to do), agree to stay focused on that goal for 90 days and do it with your friends. You can visit my website, to see my 90-Day Challenge!

Myth #2 Calories are the best determination for weight loss.

Calories do matter, but nutritional content of the food matters even more. Now, that doesn’t mean you can pack in thousands of calories. It does mean that if you focus on the right foods, the calories will usually take care of themselves.

Eat healthy protein (fish, turkey, chicken, eggs and healthy protein shakes), healthy fats (flax oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil), lots of fresh veggies and fruits, and some whole grains. Be sure your diet is rich in fiber and low in sugar. When you focus on the ‘outside’ perimeter of the grocery store, you will avoid the foods that may be low calories but are also low in nutrients and fiber.

Myth #3 Don’t snack.

Actually eating every 3 hours helps the body balance blood sugar. Skipping healthy snacks, or worse, skipping breakfast, causes the body to think it is in a ‘starvation’ situation. As a result, the body will make itself more ‘round’ to conserve energy. The more ‘round’ you are, the more you could benefit from regular, healthy snacks, a good breakfast and regular meals.