Having naturally-trained practitioners has taught me a lot. For years I worked with an esthetician who gave me wonderful, natural facials. During our time together, she introduced me to a wonderful facial exercise program.
I got the DVD on facercizing (www.facercise.com) and was very impressed with Carole Maggio’s before and after pictures. If exercising my face could create those results without any surgery, I was in! I began to do the exercises in the shower while my hair conditioner did its work. I often do many of the exercises while driving (Carol’s CD gives those exercise tips). It works and I’m a believer!
If you would like a simple, easy, 10-15 minute face exercising program that provides great results, I highly recommend Facercise! I can tell a huge difference in my face when I am consistent and when I am not.
What about your face? Does it need a workout? Your trainer is as close as your fingers (www.facercise.com).