ripeoldage400Have you ever wondered if you would do better vegetarian, or Paleo or just balanced? Or do you think everyone needs to eat the same?

After working with thousands of clients, it is clear that customizing your diet to what YOUR body needs yields the best results. A simple questionnaire on the Lifestyle for Health website can help you identify the best approach for you.

Once you do the questionnaire and follow the scoring directions, you will discover you are a profile 1, 2 or 3. Now you can customize your eating for YOUR body!

Profile 2 is the most common metabolism profile (about 65% of the population). This is the profile that requires maintaining a balanced blood sugar by eating every 3 hours, avoiding simple carbs and eating a more “Paleo Diet” (good proteins, good fats, veggies and cut the grains and sugar).

It is more common for Profile 2’s to become insulin resistant and experience blood sugar swings. When a Profile 2 wants to lose weight, monitoring blood sugar becomes one of the most important goals. Cut out the simple carbs, eat frequently and monitor waist measurement (good indicator of belly fat caused by an imbalance of blood sugar).

Profile 3 is the next common profile. This Profile benefits from a more balanced diet, eating 3 meals and an afternoon snack. This Profile tends not to have the extreme blood sugar swings. Thus they can eat 3-4 times/day while watching portion size.

When someone is a profile 3, the blood type criteria become far more important. For example, Blood Type As (profile 1 or 3) does not do well on beef, wheat or sugar. Blood Type O’s do not do well on grains (wheat, corn, full-spectrum soy) or dairy. Blood Type B’s don’t do well on chicken and corn. Blood Type AB’s benefit from both A’s and B’s criteria. These cautions are good for all of the profiles, but especially important for profile 3.

Profile 1 is the most rare (less than 5% of the population). This group benefits from a more vegetarian diet, lots of digestive support and ‘grazing’ throughout the day.

If you want further customization, call our office for a “Digestive Analysis” with Cheryl Townsley, Naturopath. You can experience this service long distance or in person. The cost is $45 for a half hour appointment. Once you know how to customize your plan, you can experience so much more success!!