Well, it’s on…my 4th Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge!  In 2011 I accepted my first 90-Day challenge.  Although I was 58, I finally found the desire to do something for me.  My 1st challenge was to deal with the body fat and weight.  I have dropped 4 jean sizes (now that is losing fat!) and went from a size 14 to size 6 (at age 58!).  My 2nd challenge was to build muscle mass (muscles that were visible to others and not just my imagination!)  By the end of this challenge, anyone could see my muscles and I had tripled the weight of the weights I was lifting at the gym!  My 3rd challenge was to improve balance.  At that point I could only stand on one foot with support and one-legged poses just didn’t happen.  I can now do them and I can feel myself getting stronger and more balanced in many areas of my life.

As I contemplated my new Challenge — starting January 1, 2012 – – -what was next? I wanted it to be a D.R.E.A.M.: a Daring, Riveting Experience Awaiting Me!

  • Daring . . .captivating my heart (not a should that would fade away or bore me), risky and require courage and boldness. No wimpy dream for me!
  • Rivet my attention . . wanted it to hold my attention firm and get so connected to me it would HOLD on and become part of me
  • Experiences – – I wanted it to require daily action and create new experiences I would relish.
  • Awaiting Me – – – It would be 90 days and require me and a community to support me.

What meets those requirements . . .? Check out my video below to see what I’m doing . . .  It’s ON!!

Dr. Cheryl's Next 90 Day Challenge