We all know that over 65% of Americans are overweight, yet few have discovered one of the simplest, easiest secrets to deal with that . ..  TIMING!

Eating every 3 hours is key to weight loss?  Why?  Going more than 3 hours, causes the body to turn on its natural ‘starvation protection mechanism’ – – – fat storage!  When your body thinks it is in a ‘famine’ it will store fat, make the body more ‘round’ (to conserve energy) and ensure it can ‘survive.’

When you go more than 3 hours, not only do you store fat, your body will consume precious fat-burning muscle instead.  You might ‘lose weight on the scale’, but you’re losing muscle instead of fat!

Once your body is on the path of burning muscle, you experience many challenges, including a shift in metabolism.  Your resting metabolism shifts and you burn less fat during day-to-day activities.  Each pound of lean muscle burns 50 calories per day just doing nothing.  Lose 5 pounds of lean muscle and you burn 250 less calories each day!

While eating every 3 hours, be sure to stay hydrated.    When you are making these changes, the body will want to ‘clean house’ and if it lacks proper water –intake, the ‘flushing’ will cause weight loss, but it will again be lean muscle.  Stay hydrated so the body can flush and not impact that precious lean muscle!

Load up on great fiber!  When you lack adequate fiber (35 grams/day is recommended) it is much more common to binge eat.   So, let your snacks be high fiber from lots of raw veggies and seeds (love hemp seeds alone or sprinkled over Greek Yogurt).

Monitor your schedule – – eat every 3 hours and choose wisely.  Ensure adequate water and fiber and you will be amazed at the change in your shape . . . lean, muscular and toned!