Have you  ever wanted to connect with others and build relationships?  In this digital world, the art of conversation has almost become a lost art.  The art of conversing and authentically connecting can build life-long relationships, boost family relationships and enlarge the world you live in.

How can you build your conversation and connecting skills?

Small talk is the ‘Appetizer.’ 

  • If you are at a party, stay close to the food table and you can use the food as way to start a conversation.  If you have food issues you might skip to the next couple of ideas.
  • Share something you love, “I love to cook ________ and I just found __________.  What do you enjoy cooking or eating?”
  • Give authentic compliments – – what do you notice that you love about someone, and then share it!
  • Ask open-ended questions – – – which means any question where the response would notbe yes or no.  For example, you could ask “How do you know the host/speaker?”

Avoid the conversation/connecting Killers!!

  • Don’t be looking at your phone and expect to converse or connect!
  • Don’t ask questions that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
  • Don’t be negative – – no one needs more negativity or complaining!
  • Don’t loop – – say the same thing in detail several ways!

A few “Getting Started” Strategies

  • Be aware of your body language and your eye contact (friendly and approachable, not closed off or over-inviting).
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Don’t respond to questions with one word, open up and share a bit (1-2 sentences) which will encourage the other person to open up and communicate. . .  now you are beginning to connect
  • Ask for more information, “that’s interesting – tell me more.”
  • Whether you are talking on the phone  or in person– SMILE!  A smile on your face changes the energy of your voice.