The Easy Approach Membership Program

Over the last 25+ years I’ve worked with thousands of clients, most of whom have lost hope.  They are searching for hope to restore their health, to balance their hormones, for the ability to start sleeping through the night again, for the loss of aches and pains and for their brains to simply start remembering again!

Working with my clients one-on-one, we have created amazing success and transformation stories. But my desire has always been to help more people – the ones who can’t come to see me because of distance or cost. Now, thanks to technology becoming so much easier to use, I can do that.

The Easy Approach Method let’s me take you on a weekly journey that will let you discover and learn the Easy Way to restore your life – not just your health, but in any area.

My Easy Approach Method is universal in it’s application to all areas of your life! Now it’s so affordable and so convenient, that for less than the price of one or two fast food meals a month, I can give you:

  • Weekly Lessons – just one a week to keep it easy, teaching you to how to let life, learning and change become easy and fun!
  • Weekly Encouragement emails
  • Private Facebook Group where my program facilitators and I personally interact with you daily
  • Weekly Facebook Live Video training that is exclusive for just this group


  • Discounts on appointments: Currently, the Easy Community members save $30 on regular appointments and $45 on Body Scan appointments
  • Access to all of my on-line training (excluding The Inflammation Breakthrough Program)
  • More courses that will be added regularly
  • Product Specials

Isn’t it time for you to learn how to create long-term, real transformation in your health and in every area of your life? It’s time for you to discover the EASY Approach to enjoying life with vitality!


Everything You Need to Create a Healthy You!

Discover the EASY way to reverse inflammation, restore mental clarity, balance hormones, create abundant energy and manage your weight. The EASY Plan is customized for you and helps you create a lifestyle that your body loves! Stories that encourage you with an EASY Plan that lets you Discover while being supported and encouraged by an Amazing Community!

Satisfaction Guarantee: You’re never at risk. You can cancel your membership any time.

All for just $20 a month!

Thousands of people from around the world have worked with Cheryl Townsley as a Naturopath, Wisdom Coach and Home Economist, through her Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic. The most common feedback is, “Cheryl is so practical, she just makes sense. I can and want to do this!”

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