Pictures and Measurements

And there is only one time to take your before pictures – before you start!


Before starting any program, be sure to take pictures (front, back and profile) along with measurements. Also, note your energy level, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no energy and 10 being great energy.

So often, people only refer to the scale to determine their success for a Challenge. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Pictures tell the story so much more than the scale!  Susan Lynn’s story is an amazing example of what a huge difference a few pounds can make when the puffiness and bloating of inflammation are removed:

“Greetings, All! I know some of you have read my story before … but I just wanted to say that this program has been so awesome with helping me begin to unravel the intertwined mess that was my health, life and thoughts. I am 52 years old and had been trying for 2+ years to solve Leaky Gut Syndrome (officially known as Hyper-permeable intestines) and I was so tired of no forward movement. I kept getting bloaty in my abdomen, no matter what I ate. I had aches and pains everywhere in my body, especially at the joints in my hands and feet. I was spending a ton of money on supplements and ‘programs’ and I was buying frozen gluten free/dairy free stuff but never any fresh food.

I started with Dr. Cheryl with the Phase 1 Inflammation Breakthrough Pilot Program. My start date was March 22, 2015. Today is May 28, 2015.  About 8 years ago, I had stopped cooking at home (fresh foods didn’t work for me) – I’m now back to enjoying cooking and eating ‘real food’. The inflammation in my body is gone, the aches and pains are gone. I am taking just a few herbal supplements now. Here is a visual of what I look like on the outside. Words alone cannot accurately describe the wonderful feeling on the inside. I feel so hopeful and I feel like the Susan Lynn I used to know (me!).  My life is returning. So I am not getting older, I am getting younger. Because of the accountability of the group and the access to Dr. Cheryl to answer my questions or to reach out on the Facebook page to ask others, I really feel part of a community. Pictures of the recipes made and pictures of people’s results and encouragement and encouraging stories – WOW – those are very real and really connect with me every day. Everyone’s story is unique and totally different from someone else. Keep finding out what works and is good for YOUR body. You are the only YOU on this earth!”

Take Pictures
When the body is stressed, the posture, shape and facial expressions confirm it! Take those pictures!

Take pictures that are designed to help you learn what is going on in your body. We recommend you take a front, back and profile from both sides to accurately indicate where you start. Then, consider taking new pictures either every 30 or 60 days to monitor progress.

Learn to assess progress, not criticize what you see. So often we look at a picture of ourselves and criticize all that we don’t like. That is not the purpose of these pictures – they are meant to chronicle your journey and help you learn to see progress and celebrate that progress!

Take Measurements
Since a pound of fat takes up the space of a grapefruit and a pound of muscle the space of a tangerine, you could actually stay the same or even gain a pound or two and have lost body fat and inches! Tracking your measurements is a great way to discover if you are losing fat/inches or just weight.

The recommended areas to measure include: neck, bust/chest, waist, belly (one is at the belly button, one will be at the ‘bigger’ area), hips, both thighs, both arms, both ankles

Retake measurements every thirty days to monitor your progress.

If inches and weight don’t change there is a reason! This is a good time to call and schedule a personal appointment with Cheryl to help you get to the root of your weight loss challenge.


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