New Client and Body Scan Appointment

The Body Scan is the recommended first appointment for all new clients. It gives Cheryl the ‘big picture’ view of what’s going on and how to best create and prioritize your game plan going forward. This is a full, comprehensive test of what is stressing the body, with over 8,000 substances evaluated. It does not replace working with your medical practitioner (nor do we do blood work or work with medications). The appointment can be done in person or via a hair sample (for out-of-state and/or international clients).

Long distance clients will receive a 2-3 page report of observations via email and we will schedule a 60 minute call to review your results and set up your game plan. The goal is to create a game plan that addresses diet, exercise, supplements and options for handling stress.

Appointment cost is $295. Follow-up visits are $115 ($95 for members of The Easy Approach Membership Program).

In office appointments: Please allow 2 hours for your appointment. 24 hour notice is required for cancellations unless weather related or a $50 cancellation fee is charged.

PRIOR to your appointment date:

Download and complete the following Self-Tests (Metabolic Profile, Enzyme and Candida).  You will place the results (scores) from these forms on the New Client Intake-Release Form   (Please note that there are 5 pages that you need to complete and bring with you).

Your complete appointment paperwork includes all 5 pages of the New Client Intake-Release Form. That form has space for you to add the scores from Metabolic Profile, the Enzyme Questionnaire and the Candida Questionnaire. Click on the link for each of these questionnaires below, print them out, complete them and then put the scores on your Intake Form. This is not an electronic process (it’s ‘old-school paper and pen’ – thanks). Call with any questions: 719-488-5688

Bring the completed forms with you. You do not need to mail them ahead of time. Also bring any supplements you are currently taking.

Long Distance Clients:

  • In addition to the paper work listed above, we will need a locket of your hair (enough to cover the face of a quarter). Place this is a baggie with your name written on it. It does not matter if it is colored or if it is new or old growth.
  • If you are currently taking any supplements that you would like us to include in the evaluation process, put samples of them in individual baggies, with the product name written on the outside (one supplement per baggie), and include them in the packet you’re mailing us.

We’ve MOVED!  Our new address is: 1420 Almagre Peak Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80921

  • Directions to our new home/office:
    • We are east of I-25 and east of Voyager, South of the Northgate Exit off I-25 and North of the InterQuest Exit off of I-25
    • Coming from the south exit on InterQuest
      • Go east to Voyager
      • North on Voyager 1 mile and take a right on Mt. Baldy Dr. (if you come a large park on the east side of Voyager or the offices of Compassion Ministries on the west side of Voyager, you’ve gone too far).
      • Take the next left onto Stanley Canyon Rd
      • Take the next left onto Almagre Peak Dr.
      • Look for the 2nd driveway on the right. Our house is not directly on Almagre – it’s up the driveway, behind the two house that are on the street (it’s called a flag lot because the driveway is the flag pole that takes you up to the house). The two house numbers to look for are 1440 and 1410 – the driveway is between them. You’ll see a marker on the street with our house number and just come up the driveway.
    • Coming from the north, exit on Northgate and go east to Voyager. Go south on Voyager and you’ll go left on Mt. Baldy Dr.  Follow the rest of the directions above.
    • Phone Number stays the same: 719-488-5688

We will contact you to set up your phone appointment time after we receive your mail-in packet. Payment is either by check, mailed with your packet or by credit card at the time of your phone consultation.

For optimal results, we recommend that you consider the Jump Start Coaching Package.  This includes the Full Body Scan, Inflammatory Foods testing, copies of both cookbooks, plus 2 additional 1-hour coaching appointments!  This is a one-time only offer for first time clients and saves you $150!

Take a few minutes today to make a big difference in all your tomorrows!

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