Over the years I’ve learned a lot and had the privilege of helping a lot of people.  The person that most challenged me was me!  Isn’t that how it usually goes?  We challenge ourselves!

At 48 I had begun to shrink, created a wonderfully matronly figure, and was aging rapidly!

By age 56 I had lost 35#, but I was still at 45% body fat and just didn’t have muscle.  And that was with a trainer, regular exercise and a clean diet. I really did think I ‘was past the age’ of changing body shape!


October, 2010 I started on my first 90 Day Challenge without expecting much.  At 57 I thought I was beyond much changing.  Well, if you’ve been following me, you now that first Challenge did produce some amazing change!  I dropped 3 jean sizes, restored lost height due to increased core strength and reversed biological aging markers!  No one was more surprised than me!

But I didn’t stop there!

At age 59, with no make-up, starting this current 90 Day Challenge, I’m a new woman from when I started!! 60 days into it this Challenge and I’ve lost another 11.75” ( 4” in my belly and 3” in my waist alone) and I’ve dropped 6% body fat (down to 22% from my very earliest starting point of 45%)!  I’m down 4 jean sizes and I actually have muscles and a 6-pack forming.

So, what is your excuse?  Your age?  Money?  Time?  Too tired?  Don’t let your excuses hold you back from experiencing a whole new life!

Update: While I’m no longer associated with or promote Visalus (due to changes in the company that I could no longer support), I’m forever grateful of the experience I had with them and the transformation that I went through as I engaged in a more athletic lifestyle!