images-1Pimples are small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin – they are sebaceous glands (oil glands), which are infected with bacteria, swell up, and then fill up with pus.


The most common contributors to pimples and/or blemishes include:

–       Dairy foods, which can create excess mucus and impact clarity of skin

–       Sugar and high glycemic foods

–       Use of antibiotics and Candida

–       Stress

–       Lack of sleep

–       Dehydration

–       Touching face with hands that aren’t clean

The locations of the pimples are also helpful in creating a plan to address them.

–       Pimples on the forehead are most often impacted by poor digestion

–       Pimples on the upper cheeks are tend to be more related to stress

–       Pimples around the jaw line are most impacted by hormone imbalances

The color of pimples also gives us a clue as to the cause of pimples.

–       Red pimples reflect over-consumption of sugar and poor digestion of carbohydrates (i.e., too many processed, high glycemic foods)

–       White/yellow pimples reflect over-consumptions processed fats, lack of Omega 3s in diet and/or poor digestion of fats in general

–       Dark pimples can be impacted by over-consumption of wheat


What are 5 Tips to creating clearer, healthy skin?

Tip #1                    Hydrate

Drink at least half of your weight in ounces of water (example:  if you weight 150#, then 75 oz/water/day)

Tip #2                    Fresh Veggies and whole foods

Increase your intake of healthy foods and decrease your intake of processed foods and sugar.  The healthier your diet, the healthier you and your skin will be.

Tip #3                    Add Omega 3s

Omega 3s (I.e., flaxseed oil, fish oil, salmon) help reduce inflammation, hormone balancing and clarity of the skin.  Be sure to get a good quality of Omega 3 for supplementation and purchase wild, not farm-raised salmon.

Tip #4                    Add digestive enzymes and probiotics

Improving digestion and colon health helps the skin improve in clarity.  The more toxic the GI tract, especially the colon, the more common pimples and blemishes are, especially in the cheek and jaw area.

Tip #5                    Consider Home-made Remedies

Natural toothpaste (no SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate) can be applied to pimples at night to help reduced the inflammation.  Cinnamon (1 tsp) and honey (2 tsp) stirred into a paste can be applied to affected area.  Rinse after 10 minutes.  Apply a toner or some fresh lemon juice after removal.