This summer I celebrated my 60th birthday. I must admit that in the months leading up to that day I wasn’t so sure I wanted to celebrate. For the first time in my life I didn’t really want a birthday party . . . anyone who knows me KNOWS that isn’t normal!!

Fortunately Forest and Anna didn’t listen to me. They coordinated a beautiful summer brunch on a beautiful patio for a few close friends. It was a beautiful time with people who are a key part of my life.

skydivingIn addition to that special time with special people, several people joined together and got me a skydiving certificate. I had said I always wanted to do this, but now it was actually in my hand.

As the day drew closer to take the ‘dive’ I realized I had a lot of thoughts stirring. I knew if I gave into some of them I would totally freak myself out! I chose to not think about it and simply wait for the day to arrive and just do it.

As we drove to Canyon City (by the Royal Gorge), thoughts again began to seep in. Again, I took the thoughts captive. Once we arrived I spent time filling out a lot of paperwork reminding me of the risks and relieving the company of all liability. (what an encouraging process)!

Then came the time to get on the plane and head up. What can I say at that point? Fortunately I had instructions on what to do, how to position my body and where to keep my eyes. John, the owner of the company was my tandem partner. Figured his whole career was on the line, so I had better pay attention to his instructions.

Then – – out the door and out into the ‘wild blue yonder’! What a breath-taking experience. So many parallels to life! Sometimes our biggest challenges are our biggest opportunities to simply step out. Enjoy the journey with me and consider the experiences that surround you!