What is Inflammation . . . In one sentence?

Inflammation is Accelerated Aging! It’s aging faster than you want! Have you ever heard someone say, “Well I guess that’s just a normal part of getting older”? Have you done your best to eat healthy, take quality supplements and even exercise regularly, only to find...

The Tale of Two Trees

My favorite way to start each day is sitting on my deck with coffee, blueberries, my journal and my iPad. The iPad connects me to my favorite teachers and has my Kindle for easy book reference! I'm not sure what I'll do when winter hits - probably put on my coat,...

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How Did We Meet?

Last week, as I was looking at our newsletter email list, I had a short walk down memory lane as I remembered many of the faces and names on the list - lots of smiles and great memories came to mind. And of course, there were many whose names I didn't recognize and I...

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Familiar or Valu-able?

We get up, dress and go to work.  We get paid, spend and start over.  We get hungry, eat and do it again.  We see the same people at work, at ‘play’ and at family get-togethers. Familiar is simply what is comfortable – our unquestioned routine.  Familiar doesn’t...

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Recipe Conversion

Convert Your Favorite Recipe - Make It Healthier! Having written several cookbooks and developed hundreds of recipes, I find it quite easy to read a recipe and figure out how to convert it to something healthy AND tasty! I’ve read over 500 cookbooks and find that over...

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Stop Judging! . . . Start KINDing!

Without a doubt the most inflammatory, self-defeating, ungodly activity that we do on a daily basis is JUDGING!  We judge our actions, thoughts, feelings, relationships, weight, image . . . the list is endless. In coaching women in the area of weight loss, hormone...

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Letting Life Be Easy!

Ever wondered why life seems so hard and challenging? I began to question that belief as I read Matthew 11:28-30. I certainly understood the hard-working and weary part. But, easy? As I asked the Lord a simple question, He began to show me His way . . . that simple...

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Beyond the “SHOULDS” to Real Choices

How many times today did you find yourself saying, “I should do this” or “I should do that”? The definition of should is an obligation, duty or expectation. Once something is an obligation, it becomes a part of the world of DEBT! Yes, each and every ‘should’ in our...

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On-Line Training

For years we've wanted an easy way to help more people. Creating a healthier life calls for regular support, encouragement and most of all, affordablility!
Our on-line training programs meet all of those needs plus more! You can purchase single classes or, for the best value, you can subscribe to our monthly EASY Approach Program - giving you access to over 15 of our on-line training programs, plus weekly lessons and more!
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Affiliate Community

When we went through Cheryl's health crisis over 25 years ago, the challenge was not only her health but also its impact on our finances. We know what it's like to loose your health and finances at the same time!
The result? We are always looking for ways to make 'health more affordable'.
Our affiliate programs offer several ways for our community to earn extra income.
Call our office for details: 719-488-5688
We have discovered what works and what doesn't, what's easy and what's hard!


Facebook Community

We know that not everyone is a fan of Facebook, but it does give us the easiest, most universal and most affordable way (free) to stay in touch with you on a daily basis.
Our Facebook page lets us share new video training and coaching, new recipes, wisdom insights, and many of the 'Aha Moments' that we have with our clients - all to help you life healthier!
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