The rate of allergies or sensitivities is clearly on the rise. I have almost as many requests for dealing with allergies as I do for digestion and hormone balancing.

The problem with many allergy processes is that the patient is told to ‘restrict’ their diet and/or take drugs. Over time, the number of items being restricted grows and grows and they find themselves eating almost nothing, not enjoying life and still struggling with all of the allergy issues.

allergyfoodsAllergies are a sign of stress. The more stress, the more allergies. Simply restricting the allergen or drugging the body, doesn’t address the root, which is stress! And, remember stress is not an event or schedule, it is how we respond to an event.

If you struggle with allergies (seasonal, food, environmental, etc.) – – take the time to discover your options! You do have options and it is possible to support your body’s ability to handle stress and to help the body overcome the stress response that triggers the allergic response.

I have been doing an allergy clearing processes on clients. This process does need to be done in person. I use a form of NAET (Natural Allergy Elimination Technique). I am finding it very simple and very effective on many allergies. Although reviews on NAET are mixed, the stories from my clients are quite encouraging.

Most of all begin to identify what is stressing your body, support the adrenals (adequate protein and minerals), improve digestion (digestive enzymes) and avoid the ‘killers’ (processed food, sugar, soda and wheat!).