Cheryl Townsley

Wisdom Coach, Naturopath, BBA, BS

Cheryl knows first-hand what it is like to lose her health, finances, and business and be one step from losing her life. That ‘moment of truth’ shattered her perception of being invincible and successful.

Academia and Corporate Success faded into the background as she diligently sought to restore her health. That journey led to the creation of Lifestyle for Health (1990), authoring 17 books and working with tens of thousands of clients from around the world through the Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic.

Cheryl’s simple, practical approach landed her on media tours that took her around the world to over 1,000 television and radio shows as a regular guest and a host. Health collapse, depression and upside down finances are understood by all ages, in all countries!

The desire to empower leaders to balance their vision, work and health led to Executive Coaching (2005). Leaders and Executives often think they can multi-task through life with ‘success’ . . . only to find that success is costing them their health, marriage, relationships and often, financial loss.

Wisdom Coaching (2014) combined Cheryl’s health expertise and her Executive Coaching experience to introduce wisdom principles that empower people to ‘prosper in health even as their soul (thoughts, decisions and emotions) prosper.’ Wisdom Coaching is offered through Webinars, Live Seminars, On-Demand Video Courses and One-on-One Coaching.

You can create ‘success’ in business and lose your health.

You can pursue ‘health’ and miss your calling and purpose.

Creating ‘Good Success’ allows health, business and leadership to work together so that you prosper in every area of life, without losing those things that ultimately matter the most: your family, your health, your relationships or even your life purpose.

Cheryl Townsley lives the integrity of her message, helps clients get real results and enjoys making a difference in the world she lives in.

Wisdom Coaching Credentials:

Authored Books & Curriculum:
  • Discovering Wholeness -The Spirit, Soul and Body Connection
  • Color Me Trim – Emotional Roots to Weight Loss
  • Food Puzzle – A Customized Exercise & Eating Plan
  • Food Smart – Eat Your Way to Better Health
  • Body by Design – Defining and Re-Creating You for Optimal Performance
  • Lifestyle for Health Cookbook Smart Cooking for Busy People
  • Meals in 30 Minutes – Best Foods for the Best You
  • Return to Paradise – A Biblical Foundation for Health
  • Kid Smart Raising Healthy Children
  • Healthy Giving – Giving the Old-Fashioned Way – From the Heart
  • Living W.H.O.L.E – Lose Excess Weight Never to Find it Again
  • Cleansing Made Simple
  • Candida Made Simple
  • Power of Being Healthy
  • Too Stressed to be Blessed
  • Raging Hormones
  • Breakthrough Now
  • Cooking for Life Cookbook
  • Chocolate and Everything Else Cookbook

Webinars & Seminars

  • Beyond Goal Setting to REAL Results Interrupting the Dishonor Loop that Disconnects You from Prospering
  • Discover Your Values Helping You Discover Your True Values that Motivate You to Prosper
  • Aha! MentoringStop the Looping by Getting Your ‘Aha!’
  • More than Enough – More than Enough Time, Finances and Relationships
  • Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue Understanding the Impact of Emotions on Health
  • Your Best 24 Hour Day – Connecting Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Nutrition to the Organs of the 24-Hour Body Clock
  • The Easy ApproachA monthly membership program to coach, teach, and encourage you on your health journey
  • From Overwhelm to EasyOverwhelm and hard are the foundation to failure, easy is the key to success!
  • Balancing Hormones the Easy WayOut of balance hormones are a challenge for many – easy steps to happy hormones!
  • The Inflammation Breakthrough Program – A 30-day program for removing or reducing inflammation from your gut!
  • Overcome Cravings and Stop the ‘Melt-Downs!’So many easy ways to remove cravings from you life!
  • Your Brain . . . Made EasyIt’s time for your brain to work for you instead of against you

Professional Education

  • 2009 Inscape Publishing DiSC Training Certification
  • 2002 Energetix College of Advanced Bioelectric Training, Bioenergetic Practitioner
  • 2002 Loomis Institute, Digestive Specialist
  • 2001 International School of Bioenergetic Medicine, Bioenergetic Practitioner
  • 2001 Trinity College, ND, Naturopath, Master Herbalist
  • 1994 Southern Illinois University, Post Graduate study in Business Administration and Marketing
  • 1977 Washburn University, BBA in Business Administration and Computer Science
  • 1974 Washburn University, BA in Education and Nutrition

Professional Career

  • 1990 – Present Lifestyle for Health Wellness Center, Wellness Center Director and Naturopathic Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, Media Guest and Host (Lifestyle for Health Television Show) Denver, CO
  • 1984 – 1989 Compass Concepts, President and CEO Business Development Consultant Denver, CO
  • 1980 – 1984 Tymshare Computer Services Inc., National Product Manager, National Sales Representative, Application Consultant Denver, CO and St. Louis, MO
  • 1978 – 1979 Southwestern Bell, Real-Time Communications Technician Kansas City, MO
  • 1975 – 1978 The Designer, Tailoring and Dress Design Topeka, KS
  • 1974 – 1975 Tecumseh Middle School, Teacher Topeka, KS


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Thousands of people from around the world have worked with Cheryl Townsley as a Naturopath, Wisdom Coach and Home Economist, through her Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic. The most common feedback is, “Cheryl is so practical, she just makes sense. I can and want to do this!”

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