Something very special happens when you give birth to a child.  No matter how challenging the pregnancy or delivery, that baby just captures your heart.

Our Anna Forae was born December 9, 1985.  My pregnancy was a challenge and the 27 hours of delivery was equally has hard.  Yet, that precious little girl was beautiful form the moment she was born.

I can still remember Forest parading her around restaurants just waiting for people to admire her beauty.

During Anna’s early years I had many health challenges.  I had gone into my pregnancy with Stage 3 Adrenal Exhaustion.  “Fatigue” was normal to me and I just ‘pushed through’ it.  I had no clue I would pay a price for that or that Anna would also pay a price.

I can look back and see where my ignorance had a big impact on Anna’s life. I began to work with a nutritionist when Anna was about 4.  He completely overhauled my diet and had us eliminate sugar, wheat and dairy.  That was when those changes were not ‘vogue’!

Several family situations occurred at the same time and Anna made the connection that to give up ‘sugar’ meant to lose relationships.  At the age of 6 a 20-year addiction to sugar began.

My ‘mother’s heart’ cried many tears to see the pain that addiction caused Anna.  As a doctor, I knew where the addiction would take her.  The pain of that journey was heavy on my heart.  I could see what I had done to contribute to the problem, but saw no way to help.

Over time I learned that nagging, pressure and criticism only made the pain worse for both of us.  There finally came a time that God gave me the vision for the beautiful woman that Anna is from the inside out.  That began my freedom to look her in the eyes and only see beauty and grace.
Watching her blossom this past 18 months, lose over 45 pounds and become free of that addiction has been a gift that only a ‘mother’s heart’ can truly understand.

If you have a child that struggles with sugar, food or other addiction – KNOW there is hope and options!  Anna is an amazing woman who encourages others to transform their weaknesses into victories.  A ‘mother’s heart’ can be blessed beyond measure – – for sure mine has!

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