We often set goals and as easily walk away from them. . . . especially if it is an area that is hard for us.  Academic and intellectual challenges have been easy for me my entire life.  However, physical activities have been a challenge as far back as I can remember.

When I decided to start exercising at 50, that was a monumental decision!  I still remember that first time on the recumbent bike eight year ago.  Just 30 SECONDS of exercise stressed my nervous system and emotions and put me in bed for hours with tears and panic!  What a humble beginning!

Over the next seven years, I saw weight come off, but no muscle and things never really got easier.  That is a long time to be diligent and see minimal results!  However, I believed that some how, some way, it would shift.

When I was introduced to ViSalus, I focused on the shake. It tasted great and had a lot of nutrition.  Once I had done my due diligence on the ingredients and the science, I was on full board.

Since I tended to approach things intellectually, that is where I started, but quickly in the VI journey, my body engaged.  It came alive with strength, agility, coordination and I began to have fun having new experiences!

I started doing Pilates and yoga.  Kickboxing beckoned me along with fighting in the ring.  100 pushups each day became ‘normal.’  Then . . . the newest challenge happened!

I decided to do a 10K with a friend!

We made the commitment, paid the fees and waited until THE DAY – – May 28, 2012.  I had no idea if I could do it as I didn’t train for a 10K, I simply kept doing my regular routine of cardio kickboxing, Pilates and pushups.

In the race, I discovered I could keep up, wasn’t winded, and didn’t even break a sweat.  In the past I would have raced harder, left my friend behind and ‘competed!’  This time I enjoyed the entire journey, had an incredible experience with a great friend.

Best of all, we entered the stadium with cheers and applause – – not for how smart I am, but for choosing to change my life at age 58!

Instead of being in the stadium watching life pass you by — – aren’t you ready to join me in an adventure that gets better and better every day???

Update – While ViSalus was once a major part of my life, and a major contributor to my becoming much more ‘athletic’, the company has gone through changes that no longer let me promote them.  I’m grateful for what they brought into my life and the experiences I had with them, but I no longer endorse them.

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